Product and User Experience Design

The best product comes not only from having a great offering, but from the synergy between customer desirability, technical feasibility, and business viability. In a hyperconnected, globalized world, delivering a flawless user experience has become the key differentiator

That’s why our product and UX approach combines deep user insights with powerful design techniques to deliver meaningful, delighting experiences and boost performances.

We improve the usability of your products and help you reduce costs by implementing appropriate UX processes, methods, and tools. From product discovery to prototyping and testing, we provide holistic evaluation of your product, create and facilitate workshops, design and optimize screens, and implement and spread the best UX practices.


Our team of experts is committed to make your product unique and successful. We leverage our diversity of skills in domains as design, user research, accessibility, copywriting, agile, and analytics to bring you the best of all worlds and ensure having a 360° view on your product or service, at every stage of your project.

Our work is based on four pillars:

Understand your business goals through design thinking and product-oriented mindset, clarifying the value chain and features supporting it.

Empathize with your customers by developing a deep, shared understanding of users’ needs and goals in an engaging, inclusive and efficient way.

Create delightful experiences using an iterative approach aligned with the project agile rhythm, delivering on time while staying aligned with the program evolutions.

Ensure users’ adoption and understanding by confronting the designed solution to the reality of end users’ needs and usage before building at scale.


User understanding & Validation

Understand users and customers. Validate business hypotheses directly with the field. Identify the hidden value of a product or service.

  • Expert review
  • Interviews et observations
  • Focus group et survey
  • Persona & objectives
  • Experience mapping
  • User et customer journey
  • User testing
  • UX analytics

Product UX & Design

Design products and services that generate value for the business whilst serving users' and customers' needs and goals.

  • Value proposition canvas
  • Ideation workshop
  • User flow
  • Experience Design
  • Wireframes & mockups
  • Clickable prototype
  • UX copywriting & micro-copy


Digital Workplace & Collaboration

Improve employee productivity and engagement in a post-Covid world where remote work, cross-silo collaboration and digitalization of processes have become the norm.

  • Intranet and digital workplace design
  • Employee experience
  • Collaborative ecosystem
  • Collaboration mapping
  • Information governance
  • Dematerialization of processes and documents

Experience system & Design OPS (UX Agile)

Ensure consistent user and customer experience across your entire ecosystem. Increase the speed of design while ensuring optimal communication in an agile context.

  • Design system
  • Design ops implementation
  • Training and coaching UX & design ops


Conversational Interfaces

The best interface is no interface at all. Provide a natural language experience to interact on everyday channels such as chats or voice prompts.

  • Strategic framing
  • Chatbot personality
  • Conversation flow
  • Conversation design

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