Recruitment process

SQLI hires hundreds of digital enthusiasts each year to supplement its experienced teams. The company relies on a straightforward and efficient recruiting procedure for each candidate, even if each recruitment is unique.


Digital professions: the 5 steps of the recruitment process

Apply to SQLI

Every year, SQLI hires a wide range of digital professionals, from interns to full-time employees, with a focus on technological expertise (back-end and front-end developers, full-stack developers, technical experts, and so on), business skills (UX designers, project managers, scrum masters, and so on), sales, and support.

There are various ways to begin the SQLI recruitment process. Have you applied for the job offer that matches your profile in our recruitment space? Have you ever submitted an application on the spur of the moment? Have you been referred to us by one of our employees? Congratulations, the hiring process has officially begun!

Reviewing your application

A first telephone contact between the candidate and the recruiter is swiftly scheduled after the recruitment staff has reviewed your application.

The HR interview

This first interview gives you the opportunity to discuss your background with the recruiter, your expectations for the role, your motivation, and your professional goals in general. SQLI will outline the expected missions and their context, including the Group's international organization, the organization of the office to which you are applying, and our team spirit!

The technical interview

This second meeting of the hiring process is with one of our experts to verify your knowledge and business/technical expertise. It's also the first time you'll meet a member of the team you might join. It enables us to envision a common future, to picture you as a member of our professional community, and to offer our projects and news. In a nutshell, to give you a flavor of what it's like to be a member of SQLI's digital teams!

The manager’s interview

Following the technical interview, you will meet with the division manager or branch director. This is the final step in the hiring process, and it allows us to certify your presence among our teams.

You are now ready to become a Sqlien after completing the fifth stage! Within your new team, a fresh cycle of integration begins.
Whether it's your first job or a milestone in your career, joining SQLI means becoming part of a network of specialists, inspiring individuals, and cutting-edge initiatives.