Training, an essential part of the career path

One of the pillars of our workers' career pathways is training. Employees can envision their professional progression without restrictions when they work in a dynamic and gratifying atmosphere.

Technical, behavioral, and business training are all important components of a customized career path at SQLI. It enables each individual to grow and contribute to a drive for achievement and performance.

Employees can participate in a variety of training programs

Collaborations with training experts

SQLI has formed relationships with outside training companies in order to provide its employees with a diverse choice of courses that meet SQLI's needs and business lines. In France, we collaborate with SQLI Institut, the SQLI Group's training agency, which offers over 400 training courses in both technical and soft skills. These training sessions, which may include certification, can include:

  • Project management, scrum master, management, and other types of business training are available
  • Technology, DTP, video, and other technical training
  • Behavioral training: public speaking, assertiveness development, and so on
  • Foreign language instruction

Certification of employees

The certification of SQLI's staff is also very important to the company. Certification ensures that our knowledge is recognized both internally and externally, both by our clients and the market.

Our employees are particularly passionate about certifications (methodological or technical), and they are the second most important training action in terms of the number of hours delivered each year.

E-learning for customized and on-demand training

SQLI has developed its ONE Genius e-learning platform in conjunction with Coorpacademy. This e-learning platform comprises Coorpacademy-created training courses as well as SQLI-specific training modules on specific topics (HR, project management, etc.).

Employees may follow ONE Genius from anywhere and at any time because it is a flexible, brief, and enjoyable format. It's a novel approach to training that, in addition to more standard training, results in an internal label.

Internal training: our experts pass on their know-how

Our professionals have skills and are willing to share them with our team! Some of our employees have expertise as well as pedagogical experience. SQLI has created an internal training library as a result of their efforts.

This facilitates access to a wide selection of training courses aligned with SQLI's working techniques and business lines, while also boosting our workers' skills.

Many of these courses may be easily offered remotely, allowing employees from various places to interact, cooperate, and share information on common business topics. They also provide an opportunity to broaden one's network within the organization.