Digital experience platform

A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is an integrated and cohesive piece of technology designed to enable the composition, management, delivery and optimization of contextualized digital experiences across customer journeys. 

A brand’s website is a crucial part of the customer experience. Not only does it reflect the brand’s identity and raise its profile, it is an essential means of generating leads and engaging users. This is conditional on it offering users an experience that is in phase with their expectations and uses. 


Customers and consumers now want to be able to access the same content and services at all of a brand’s touchpoints, including the website, mobile app, POS interactive display and voice assistant. Certain sectors in particular have been shaken up by market newcomers that perfectly achieve this aim by addressing the customer journey in its entirety.  


In recent years, using a DXP (Digital Experience Platform) has been the best way to meet these challenges. More than a CMS (Content Management System), a DXP covers several digital touchpoints (such as the website and mobile app) and ensures continuity of the user experience. 


We design and develop user-centric Digital eXperience Platforms that are based on a high-performing, solid and upgradeable technical foundation. We assist you at all stage of your project to help you design the solution that is best suited to your users and requirements. 

Our value proposition 

Assistance at all stage of your website creation project 

Our experts assist you throughout your project’s value chain by combining Experience Design with technological excellence. 

  • Consultancy and strategy: guide the digital approach according to the global strategy 

  • Scoping and design: define the vision for the platform and design the experience 

  • Development and testing: develop functionalities and perform continuous testing 

  • Maintenance: guarantee service continuity and ensure continuous improvement 

  • Performance: define and measure results indicators 

A partner with market leaders 

We have developed expertise in various CMS (Adobe, Acquia/Drupal) and front-end solutions (AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS, etc.), in order to be able to build the solution that best fits your needs.  

We work in close collaboration with our main partners Acquia and Adobe, in addition with specific partners on hosting or performance. We carry out more than 50 projects per year around DXP. 

A quality and accessibility-oriented approach 

In order to ensure compliance of the solutions we design with best Web practices, more than 100 SQLI employees have been certified by Opquast, creator of a web quality reference system. One of our teams’ core concerns is to design web services for the widest possible audience, providing quality content in all usage conditions. 

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