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Cellap Laboratoire SA, the Swiss expert in phyto-cellular cosmetics is recognised globally for its skincare know-how. Located in Lausanne, the company focuses on high-performance cosmetics products that are designed to combat aging skin. Cellap Laboratoire gave SQLI the mission of entirely revamping their e-commerce website.

CELLAP Laboratoire SA

The main objectives for this project were:

  • To keep a consistent brand image across all markets (globally). 
  • To provide their customers with an improved online shopping experience. 
  • To facilitate and monitor the rollout for all markets. 

A special attention was placed on the user experience and graphic design, allowing SQLI's UI/UX team to achieve a work of excellence for the following brands: Cellcosmet, Cellcosmet CellEctive and Cellmen.

Moreover, in order to improve Cellap Laboratoire’ natural referencing and the premium image/ branding of their cosmetic products, all website product sheets and content were carefully rewritten in collaboration with SQLI. The objective was to create a strong storytelling that emotionally speaks to their consumers.

The e-commerce platform was developed on Magento 2 Cloud Commerce and this technology was specifically chosen because of the efficiency of opening to other new international markets.

Magento also allowed us to manage one of the main challenges of this project: the integration of content in 5 different languages and the management of dynamic user paths. Depending on their country of origin, the navigation on the site is for example adapted in order to redirect the user to the right place: either to order online, to be redirected towards a certified partner or to locate the closest point of sale.

This project required the collaboration of various SQLI services (Analytics, SEO, UX/UI, E-Com, copywriting and more). The collaboration and proximity of the teams was a key factor in the client's satisfaction and the success of the project.

The launch of the first two sites - the international site and the Swiss market site, took place in late October 2020. Since its launch, the new platform has been very positively received by Cellap Laboratoire, its partners and by the users. For 2021, 7 rollouts are planned, including China and the United States.

More great challenges await SQLI. We are very pleased with the trust that our clients hold in us and the continuation of ambitious and exciting projects in the future. If you wish to learn more on how to improve your e-commerce platform, contact us below.

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