Digital consulting

Using a customer-centric and collaborative approach, creating the right conditions to expedite a company's digitalization process, producing innovation, jointly defining the digital strategy and its operational implementation, using data, updating processes, and supporting transformation. 

Our assessment

Transforming to take advantage of digital opportunities 

Companies must reinvent themselves in order to become more efficient and fulfill the expectations of new customers in a world that is always changing. The economy has been revolutionized by digitalization, which has resulted in new employment and consumer habits. The fierce competition that exists in many industries with new entrants encourages the development of new services and products. 

As a result, speeding up your digital transformation has become critical, and this process comes with a slew of strategic and operational issues. 

  • How to create and deliver an experience that will set you apart from the competition 
  • How to adapt and unify your company in order to hasten your digital transition 
  • Which technology solutions are the most suitable for your problems? 
  • How can you boost your turnover while also ensuring a positive return on investment? 

Our approach

We work with management teams, operational departments, business divisions, and IT departments to develop a shared innovative vision that takes advantage of digital resources. 

In order to establish the best-suited digital strategy and accompanying performance metrics, we make sure to completely understand your corporate plan. 

Using a structured collaborative approach, our teams of experienced consultants work together. They are very hands-on and take Design Thinking as inspiration.  

Our consultants emphasize added value tailored to each user and offer their expertise in all aspects of organizational digitization to our B2B and B2C customers. 

Our expertise

We guide businesses through their digital transformations by integrating the skills required to help them develop and succeed in the digital era. 

We assist our customers in leveraging data, modernizing business processes, and leveraging new technology to create efficient digital experiences, as well as developing digital talent and culture. 

We offer well-thought-out guidance that is based on a user-centric approach and aligned with our expertise. As a result, we can choose the most advantageous methods to your problems: coaching, technical expertise, facilitation, consulting, auditing, and so on. 

“Despite the lockdown, there was no shortage in commitment on behalf of the SQLI teams. A close and trusting relationship was immediately established. The collaborative approach was a core aspect in the relationship. SQLI has also demonstrated its proactivity, and we were well advised, from the call for tenders, with a well-identified and well-supplied backlog.”

Adeline Dejy Digital Solutions Manager, Gravotech

Our offers

In order to achieve their business objectives, we assist our customers in transforming their corporate strategy into an operational digital strategy, adopting a "customer-centric" and "data-driven" approach.

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We begin by focusing on perceived value because it is critical to begin with the user's wants. As a result, we can better define the digital solutions that target users demand, resulting in a superior effort/value ratio. 

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Through collaborative workshops and keynotes, we can help you understand the impact of digital technology on the environment and society and encourage discussions about key solutions to reach more sustainable practices in digital.

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Design sprints, a process rooted from design thinking, allow you to speed up digital innovation and solve complicated problems by designing a solution in 5 days and testing it with end users! As a result, innovative concepts are tested while minimising the risks associated with your initial investment. 

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In order to identify, build, and deploy digital systems (organizations, processes, and tools) that play a part in the growth of innovation in firms, we rely on the creative energy of our teams and a prospective approach. 

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Each organization is distinct, and its transformation projects have ramifications that must be assessed and handled using tailored change management strategies. To define and implement this change management, our professionals use co-construction methods. 

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