One of the components of personalised career management for employees is internal mobility. It is a chance for employees to advance their careers within the company in methods other than the more typical career pathways, whether geographically or functionally.

Geographical mobility

International mobility thanks to the Group's numerous branches and sites

Geographic mobility is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve one's professional skills by maturing in a new setting that helps individuals to reinforce their open-mindedness by encountering other cultures.

The SQLI Group's several locations (France, Sweden, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Morocco, etc.) as well as its network of local offices in France provide possibilities for our employees to take on new tasks, explore new environments, and possibly improve their foreign language skills!

Personalized career management support

Geographic mobility is a significant milestone in one's career. It sits at the nexus of professional aspirations and personal goals. Specific steps have been put in place to support and assist employees who are geographically mobile, whether nationally or globally.

Employees who begin a geographic mobility process are eligible for a variety of benefits, including an exploratory trip, reimbursement of moving expenses, and a mobility incentive.

An international presence

With offices in 13 countries, in Europe and internationally, the group offers many career opportunities

Functional mobility

Reconversion and professional development

All digital professions are covered by SQLI's diverse teams (consultant, project manager, project director, developers, UX, UI, digital marketing, support functions, etc.). As a result, it's only logical that a policy of functional mobility has been implemented to allow employees to advance their careers within the Group and to evolve in accordance with their personal professional goals and the organization's needs.

Functional mobility, an undeniable advantage

Functional mobility is a very valuable professional advantage for employees. The career path of each employee is unique. One of our goals is to understand how to respond to our employees' personal ambitions. Furthermore, it is an unquestionable SQLI strength. SQLI values, develops, and maintains its professionals inside a new team and new functions by allowing them to progress outside of more typical career routes.

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