Business Innovation

Technology, globalization, and shifting consumer and client expectations have all transformed the game. The old rules are disintegrating. We currently live in a VUCA environment, which stands for Volatile, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity.

Any business model or idea that has made money in the past may not work in the future. Companies are thus obliged to learn, innovate, and adapt on a continuous basis in a fast-paced environment, while also confronting disruption and a larger chance of failure.

How to go further faster?

Our Value Proposition

We help you discover new sources of value by developing future-oriented products, services, and business models based on human-centricity and rapid experimentation.

As a result of our experience, we can say:

  • Tech-first fails because the promise of technology is insufficient to justify investment.
  • Expertise burdens: A first-principles, experimental approach to innovation performs better than reasoning by analogy to previous experience.
  • The strategy and methods of innovation are distinct: Innovation necessitates distinct methods, talents, rhythms, and governance than product development and portfolio management.

Our teams of skilled consultants provide actual company value with an entrepreneurial attitude and convert into a hands-on action plan through organized and highly field-oriented methodologies.



Our services

(Remote) Design Sprints

We can help your company accelerate innovation by creating, prototyping, and testing huge ideas or solving crucial challenges in just five days.


Lean Innovation

In a fast-changing environment, we assist you in defining and launching new goods, services, or business models. To de-risk your innovation and look for big business impact, we use a systematic methodology that blends the best of design thinking, lean start-up, and agile.


(Innovation) Product Management

At the intersection of business, human-centricity, technology, and marketing, our product managers work. With an evidence-based decision-making and ruthless prioritizing approach, they can help you at any stage of your product lifecycle, from exploration and experimentation to scale and run.

Our Methodologies & Tools

Lean Startup, Lean Innovation, Agile, Design Thinking Design Sprint, Hackathon, Startup Week-end, Barcamp, and Strategyzer Toolbox are all Google Ventures initiatives (Value Proposition Canvas, Business Model Canvas, Business Testing)

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