Consumers have high expectations: they want extensive and high-quality product information before making a purchase. A significant success aspect in highlighting your brand and standing out from the competition is the product experience.

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Many product attributes are necessary to characterize an item in an e-commerce scenario. Due to the enormous number of goods for a brand and the many attributes that can differ from one product to another, there may be a lot of data involved. This is especially true in marketplaces, where there are many products and the amount of information offered has an impact on referencing. 

As a result, managing product information is critical for brands to meet their growth objectives. 
Product information could be dispersed among multiple files, databases, and emails with no centralization. PIM (Product Information Management) is a solution for centralized product information and increased team productivity. It is meant to make data enrichment simple for users. Product managers and sales representatives, among other contributors and users, have access to detailed and reliable information. 

A product information management (PIM) or product experience management (PXM) system can also be integrated into your technology ecosystem (ERP, CMS, DAM, etc.).




Our advisors help you create or optimize a product catalog with two goals in mind: to provide you with a 360-degree picture of product data and to increase your online sales. 



360° support


Our advisors can help you create or optimize a product catalog with two goals in mind: to provide you with a 360-degree picture of product data and to increase your online sales.


Scope, definition of the data model, optimization of your organization and process, recommendation of a solution and its implementation, UX and UI design, interfacing with your IT ecosystem, change management, and the deployment of indicators to measure product data quality are all covered by our e-commerce expertise division. 

SQLI provides a large pool of experienced and certified experts, including business analysts, project managers, solution developers, front-end developers, testers, technical leads, project directors, and digital marketing consultants, who work with clients remotely using a tried-and-true methodology. We can offer flexibility at a cheap price thanks to our service centers in Morocco and Mauritius. 

SQLI uses a tried-and-tested methodology to work with clients, while providing a large pool of experienced and certified experts. Business analysts, project managers, solution developers, front-end developers, testers, technical leads, project directors and digital marketing consultants are all included. Thanks to our service centers in Morocco and Mauritius, we can offer flexibility at a competitive price

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