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The Contentful® Composable Content Platform brings the building blocks of content together to create once and reuse for any digital experience.

Build experiences that drive your business forward with the composable content platform

A composable content platform meets the unique demands of digital content and all the teams that produce and work with it. Built with an API-first architecture, a composable content platform orchestrates content from multiple sources and publishes it to any digital channel. It ensures content is discoverable and reusable, provides tailored interfaces, and incorporates governance through role-based access management and workflows.

With built-in orchestration, a robust app ecosystem, and app framework to easily extend the platform, Contentful frees teams across the business to work together to connect, create, and extend content more efficiently. So makes it easy for digital teams to create and scale multi-brand, multi-channel, multi region experiences by bringing together content within and outside of Contentful (PIM / E-commerce, DAM. Storefront).

Reduce time to market by avoiding manual migration, minimizing custom development, and eliminating content change backlogs.

Focus effort on launching digital products faster by easily replicating content models, reusing content, and syncing common components.

Quickly reach new audiences across regions, channels, and brands with consistent messaging. Access the tools content creators (Copywriters, Editors, SEO managers) need to produce high-quality content quickly and independently with Compose, Launch, and Workflows apps in Contentful Studio.

About Contentful

Contentful helps companies unlock the power of digital content so they can build faster and deliver at scale, making their content a strategic business asset. Nearly 30% of the Fortune 500 and thousands of companies around the world like Intergamma, Warmteservice, Blue, Philips rely on Contentful to help them bring their best ideas to life. Contentful was founded in 2013 and has offices in San Francisco, Berlin and The Netherlands.

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At SQLI we craft digital experiences that define the success of great brands. Our vision is to create a diverse world filled with authenticity. To craft digital experiences that people love and that make great brands shine (again). As a certified partner, we have a solid team of experts and certified developers to create and deploy solutions for major companies in B2B and B2C.

Our Contentful capabilities are delivered from our offices in The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, UK and Morocco.

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