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How to create data-driven experiences that delight customers. Dive into the concept of Experience Management and learn about the leading XM platform in the market: Qualtrics.


Staying ahead of your competitors can be challenging when they have the same plan and goal as you – reaching and winning over your customers. The key is to truly understand the customers you target, always stay up-to-date about their desires and changing preferences, and using these learnings to make effective improvements. This is what we call ‘Experience Management’. Only companies that know how to thrill and please their customers will be able to retain them. Experience Management not only provides you with new comprehensive insights on what your customers do, but also why they do it, meaning you can act accordingly on these insights. 

In this page we dive into the concept of Experience Management, its relevance for your company, and introduce you to the leading XM platform in the market: Qualtrics.


    What is Experience Management?

    Simply put, Experience Management provides your business with experience data, which is directly acquired as feedback from user experiences. This data is then combined with operational data, such as behavioural and transactional data. The addition of these two types of data, including their analyses, provides your business with actionable insights never before available, reducing the gap between your business' experience offering and your users' expectations. 

    In competitive markets, a streamlined user experience provides businesses with an essential differentiating factor. A trend that will only continue to grow in importance and effect. 

    There are four core experiences that can be measured with experience management: customer, employee, product and brand.

    Why Experience Management?

    Data is the driver behind major decisions in the best companies in the world. Most of the data regarding user experience comes from tracking websites, social media channels, and customer service or sales channels. Therefore, this is all based on how customers engage with your different channels or departments, often further distilled to recreate customer journeys and personas.

    However, companies never really get to the why behind customer behaviour. 

    This is where experience management comes into play, supporting you by adding an additional layer to this process. It eliminates the guesswork behind the static operational data and provides your business with experience data that would otherwise remain unattainable. Experience data provides relevant information about why your user behave a certain way or have a specific opinion.

    Combining experience and operational data provides the insights you need to make truly effective changes. If you see what went wrong and you understand why it went wrong, finding the right solution becomes easy. Experience data enables you to set the correct priorities and come up with ‘first time right’ solutions. This not only allows you to make quick improvements to the customer experience, but also save you money.

    XM Platform

    Experience Management Platform

    For most businesses, four core experience are relevant when trying to stay ahead of the competition: customer, employee, product, and brand experience. An Experience Management (XM) platform connects, understands and interprets all relevant data collected from these core experiences. No small feat.

    The data gathered by the XM platform is unmatched by other analytics platforms, collecting feedback data straight from your user experience. This type of data is extremely valuable, as it opens conversation with your stakeholders and reduces the gap between your offerings and customers’ expectations. The insights generated by the platform are actionable throughout your entire organization – enhancing digital touchpoints, internal data, tools, and processes – helping you achieve key outcomes and goals. Lastly, the platform grants everyone in the organization access to these insights, using global or fully personalized dashboards. This allows your entire business to create, analyze, and distribute all data, and follow up with the appropriate actions.


    Qualtrics is one of the most robust and flexible Experience Management platforms currently on the market. Advanced features such as powerful analytics, AI, and machine learning all uncover deep insights from customer feedback and generate actionable recommendations that enable positive change. A truly market leading platform.

    Some popular use cases are:

    • Customer Experience Management (CXM)
    • NPS Software
    • Employee Engagement Software
    • Online Survey Software
    • Market Research Software
    • 360° Customer or Employee Feedback
    • Onboarding & New Hire Surveys
    • Online Reputation Management

    Applying Experience Management in practice

    Having valuable experience data is one thing. But how can you put this data to use? The first time an important survey is activated, there will be a lot of interest in the answers. But this interest quickly fades away when follow-up survey results are less spectacular and other priorities resurface.

    Therefore, the key to a successful Experience Management program are:

    • To develop a short / mid / long term strategy
    • To embed the feedback data in your day to day way of working.

    In the in-depth articles below we will outline two approaches that will help you to apply your Experience data in your daily tasks:

    • Continuous improvement: why removing frictions is a strategic activity and why customer feedback is essential in this process
    • Working with Blended teams: how can you can leverage internal and external expertise, and how to maximize your team’s output while steering on business value.

    Continuous Improvement

    Continuous Improvement is an agile and dynamic process that focuses on creating a self-sustaining feedback loop that continuously maximizes your customer value through a never ending stream of mostly small improvements. These are aimed to remove waste and friction from day-to-day processes. It focuses on the process before the goal, decision making based on data, an open culture where everyone provides input, and the never ending drive to improve.


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    Working with Blended Teams

    If you’re in the process of implementing a Continuous Improvement stream in your business, or have the ambition to do so, you can benefit greatly from working with blended teams. With this team setup, the benefits are unrestricted access to all potential required capabilities, exactly when you need them. This is a highly effective strategy that leads to minimal waste and increased efficiency.


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    At SQLI, we’re proud to have been selected by SAP to support the rollout of the newly acquired Qualtrics Experience Management (XM) Platform in the Netherlands,  Belgium, and across Europe, becoming the first Qualtrics partner in Europe.

    Qualtrics, as leader in customer experience and creator of the Experience Management market, is changing the way organizations manage and improve the core experiences of businesses through advanced data management and analyses.

    Our mission to craft digital experiences that drive the successes of great brands is a perfect match with Qualtrics’ unique capabilities and features. Discover how our combined services can enhance your customer experience and bottom line, enabling your organization to fully capitalize on customer success.

    Our approach is always tailored to fit your needs, ensuring successful digital product delivery, quality, involvement and awareness at all levels. SQLI’s specialists work as one team, completely dedicated to your success. We collaborate closely with our clients and commit to always deliver.

    Qualtrics has an impressive track record of successful projects, and we have the experience and know-how to ensure you can join those ranks using their Experience Management package. 

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