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Create great commerce experiences powered by Bloomreach solutions, delivering engaging, consistent, and tailor-made content to your customers.

Bloomreach Experience offers a set of SaaS solutions dedicated to enabling brands to deliver incredible, revenue-driving commerce experiences. The three solutions contained within the Bloomreach Digital Experience Platform are:


Engagement: Award winning CDP(X)

Previously known as Exponea, Blooomreach's customer data and experience platform, CDP(X) - combines in a single platform the power of a world-class CDP seamlessly integrated with omnichannel marketing automation capable of delivering personalized experiences powered by AI, predictive models and real-time analytics. 

The key differentiating point between Bloomreach's CDP and other competitor solutions is that Bloomreach offers within a single solution all the capabilities to unify, analyze and activate the customer data up to advanced maturity stages when normally you would need at least 5 different tools to cover these: 

  • Customer Data Platform: Industry-leading CDP enabling an actionable Single Customer View for Data Collection & Segmentation.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Real-time predictions and product recommendations across the whole platform for Data Enrichment 
  • Marketing Automation: Omni-channel marketing campaigns with real-time triggering, A/B testing, and multi-language support for data activation.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Fast, visual-based website personalization, 1:1 messaging, and contextual multi-armed bandit testing for data activation.

These solutions are split into different packages to ensure you only get what you need based on your organizational goals and maturity stage.

Discovery: Search and Merchandise 

Product and content search, merchandising, SEO, and recommendations in one place, backed by an AI engine built with more than a decade of data so customers can find what they need and convert faster.

Bloomreach boosts your digital commerce experiences and results

Product discovery is at the very core of great commerce experiences. The key to supporting this process is offering relevant and targeted products and content to your customer is critical to success.

Bloomreach drives the offering of relevant products and content to your customers with an API-first, AI-powered digital experience platform purpose-built for commerce. It is a modular API-first platform built to leverage data, products and content together with a commerce-specific AI to drive both great digital experiences for customers and business outcomes.  

Bloomreach customers see an average 5 – 10% RPV lift from improving product discovery.

Content: Headless Content Platform

A flexible content platform that enables you to easily and seamlessly manage the content for your storefront, products and campaigns to help you optimize the experience of your customers no matter what stage/channel they are in.

Let Bloomreach fuel your customer experiences

Providing optimal commerce experiences is becoming a financial imperative as customers expect personalization and relevancy in each of their interactions with your channels, especially at the moment in which they are ready to shop.

With Bloomreach Content, you can easily integrate and showcase your product/service content to create personalized commerce experiences. The intuitive setup allows the content to be fully tested and optimized so your conversion rates get better over time. The Headless Page Management empowers your marketers and merchandisers to make changes easily and independently to avoid that a modern frontend slows them down. With the right customer or segment data, full personalization and AI product recommendations are possible.

Bloomreach gives you the ability to start small with a few landing pages or to power your entire site or experience.

Here’s what Bloomreach has done for B&S Group

"It’s very relevant to improve the ease of doing business with us to increase the share of customers.” says Rene van Gelderen, Corporate IT Director, B&S  “Providing a high level of ease of use and trying to take the pain out of your customer’s daily life – as long as you have an easy way of doing business then you will be a partner of choice.”

David Kalcher, UpType, UK (B&S Case)

Grow with Bloomreach & SQLI

Discuss what the different solutions offered by Bloomreach can mean for your digital channels with our experts, and benefit from the experience that SQLI has obtained in what works and what not in delivering the best customer experience that drives your digital success. 

After crafting digital commerce experiences for international companies such as Carlsberg, Sligro, Miele, and Bridgestone, we know how to support you in putting your customer's experience and engagement at the core of your organization. With the right strategy, data, and experience technology in place, we can help you understand how to meet your customers' needs, engage them throughout the entire customer journey, and drive lifetime customer value, loyalty, and growth. 


SQLI is a Silver Partner of Bloomreach, and we were named EMEA partner of the year in 2018.


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