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B2B Engagement Platform with SAP CX

Implementation of B2B Engagement platform with SAP CX to increase engagement and enable Experience Commerce for Carlsberg.

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Carlsberg is one of the largest and most iconic beer brewers in the world. Their products are sold in over 140 countries and their immense brand portfolio includes brands like Carlsberg, Kronenbourg, Grimbergen and Tuborg.

Carlsberg's vision is to become the leader in Digital within the beer brewing industry, moving from a 'beer supplier' relationship to a collaborative 'partner relationship'. This way, Carlsberg can work together more closely with their partners, growing and driving business to mutual success.

This is driven by the desire to better serve the customers of their customer - strengthening this partnership helps to push further innovation. SQLI is proud to be a key partner in supporting Carlsberg's digital transformation for more than 5 years. Having helped Carlsberg with the transition from project to product, to digital ecosystem.

“SQLI challenged our core beliefs of a digital platform and helped us define a customer engagement strategy that enables us to differentiate and to be successful in the digital age.”

Mark Dajani CIO, Carlsberg Group


Carlsberg chose SQLI to guide their digital transformation process, posing the question:how do you move a traditional B2B client relationship towards a business partner relationship through a digital engagement strategy?

SQLI took care of implementation and extended the technical migration, evolving the platform from a classic B2B order portal into an engaging experience. This provided significantly more flexibility to adapt to local market requirements and roll out across multiple brands and countries, bringing the voice of the business and the customer together.

What we did

  • E-commerce Design
  • Front- & Back-end development
  • Quality assurance
  • Monitoring
  • Rollout to selected countries in EU and Asia
  • Drive ecommerce – support in successfully setting up the digital commerce operations

Case Highlights:

  • Enabling flexibility, scalability, future readiness in an Enterprise environment
  • Unified, strong local brands enabled
  • Experience commerce


Enabling flexibility, scalability and future-readiness in an enterprise environment

Carlsberg requested that SQLI guide their digital transformation process. From Value Proposition through to development of the B2B engagement and commerce platform, digital strategy, design and development was handled within one unified project. SQLI took over a SAP Hybris implementation and extended the technical migration to UX and Engagement. Across various countries and Carlsberg’s multiple brands, the business voice and the customer voice were brought together in an Agile setting.

The digital product was initially set up including SAP CX commerce and Sitecore engagement. This pairing has been the foundation of a more future-proof Micro Services oriented architecture in which a blended team is continuously extending the reach and depth of the platform. The current cross-functional digital team consists of both SQLI and Carlsberg digital talent, working together to deliver engaging customer experiences across all markets in which Carlsberg operates.

Enabling unified, strong, local brands

SQLI set up a process enabling Carlsberg to introduce the ecosystem in the markets of different countries within the EU (and Asia), across different local hero brands next to Carlsberg, like Feldschlossen (CH) and Sinebruchoff (FI). In close collaboration with the business of each market, SQLI introduced processes to define and coordinate the digital roadmap for the digital commerce platform, setting the business goals and kpi’s, selecting the features based on the business goals and metrics.

We made sure the data was shared among markets, resulting in a healthy competition between markets and enabling a faster product adaptation within the countries markets. This helped in accelerating the rollout overall.

The result is a digital ecosystem that goes beyond transaction and strengthens client relationships. Thus, it supports Carlsberg’s aspiration to guide and direct their customers in order to adapt/react to the ever-changing marketplace they operate in.

Enabling Experience Commerce

Increasingly, customers are looking for inspiring shopping experiences that go beyond finding product data, price and availability. The Carl’s shop digital commerce platform enables customers to stage their hospitality business for success, with elaborate and rich content like product stories, editorial content and trainings for successfully operating their business. Through this content, Carlsberg can build an emotional connection with their customers that transcends the transactional and becomes more relational and loyal.

This approach has proven to show visible growth in net revenue per customer (Carlsberg's Annual Report 2019).

In 2018 we launched Carl's Shop - an integrated online ordering platform for on-trade customers - in Western Europe. Carl's Shop will provide superior customer service and reduce costs by digitising processes, globalising platforms and scaling online solutions. It works on all devices, enabling customers to place orders at any time of the day and avoid waiting in line for telesales. The platform gives access to training, educational material and targeted promotions, aiming to provide advice on bestselling products based on similar outlets.

The initial results have been promising, showing visible growth in net revenue per customer.

SOURCE Carlsberg's Annual Report 2019


  • Increase engagement with customers
  • Template solution to support all markets
  • Flexibility in terms of driving commerce and creating experiences
  • Tie-ins to other marketing driven solutions, such as email marketing.
  • Increase revenue by better customer journeys, clear promotion structure, rewards etc.


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