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Novulo is a composable low-code platform that helps to build future-proof applications and adaptable business software.

The Novulo platform drives organizations with adaptable, perfectly fitting business software. The platform is recognized by Gartner as a sample vendor in the newly defined application composition space. From front-end to back-end with Novulo organizations can rely on applications that keep up with their pace of change and market new ideas quickly.

Why Novulo?

We are all becoming software companies. Your customers, employees and ecosystem rely on you to provide them with the best experience. This requires agility in your application landscape. The future lies with business applications that are assembled, reassembled and that can be expanded easily. The ability to rapidly implement functionality gives organizations the option to continually reinvent themselves and change business processes in response to the latest developments in the market.

With Novulo, you can modernize and innovate quickly by composing business software and expanding it further and further. The Novulo ecosystem offers over 2,500 reusable best-of-breed components to help deliver high-quality applications in minutes. The Novulo Platform is the first application composition platform that combines reuse of low-code models, development tooling and integration capabilities on one platform.


SQLI brings over 30 years of commerce experience to the table. Being trusted by brands like Carlsberg, Miele, G-Star, Nespresso, etc we know what it takes to drive the success of your (digital) business. Novulo and its composable low-code platform enable complex organizations with strong expansion goals to support these efforts and ensure a technological structure that allows for agility and speed.

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