Global E-commerce Platform with SAP CX

E-commerce platform with SAP CX to enhance Miele's brand loyalty, support global requirements across all digital channels and increase sales.

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Miele is the world's leading supplier of premium home appliances for the kitchen, laundry and floorcare. In addition, there are dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers for commercial use as well as appliances for reprocessing medical instruments and laboratory supplies ("Miele Professional").

Miele is represented in approximately 100 countries by its own sales companies or importers. 20,098 people work for Miele worldwide, 11,225 of them in Germany.


In line with the motto "Immer besser", the traditional brand is continually investing in its digital offering, thereby supporting sales, at the same time improving customer satisfaction and increasing brand loyalty with a consistent and innovative appearance. In order to achieve this challenging goal, a central, future-proof platform was needed that supports all Miele e-commerce activities worldwide. After an extensive selection process, Miele decided on SQLI as a long-term implementation partner on this digitisation journey.

The expansion of existing infrastructure within a company the size of Miele was a complex and challenging task. The SAP ERP and CRM software, in combination with other non-SAP software solutions that are already in use, required a compatible and future-proof solution that would support global requirements across all digital channels.


Miele chose SAP CX Commerce as its global platform and SQLI with its many years of SAP CX experience as a consulting and implementation partner. The SAP CX Commerce platform represents an important pillar of the digital transformation for a smooth connection to other, already used Miele solutions and services. In order to enable the full performance and support of SAP CX, Miele opted for hosting in the CX Cloud. This means that the solution fits perfectly in the Miele software ecosystem. In recent months, SQLI has already successfully implemented the integration of SAP CX.

"User-friendliness is an important priority at Miele. In short, with Miele it works "Immer besser". Here at SQLI, we do our part to continue this focus on the customer with digital offers."

Rudolf Bäumer Program Manager, SQLI


Miele can efficiently manage its global E-Commerce initiatives, directly adapting to the changing needs of its customers and has every chance of increasing sales. As the first country rollout, the Denmark online shop successfully went live in July 2018. Other countries will follow in the next few months.


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