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Marketing Automation

We help you with your marketing automation strategy, solution implementation and campaign execution services to drive customer loyalty, higher customer lifetime value and reduce marketing waste.

Drive higher CLV and reduce marketing waste with Marketing Automation

At SQLI, we believe Marketing Automation to be a customer-centric approach to ensure that your customers are getting the right information, at the right time and through the right channel, and ideally in a completely personalized manner. Put this way, it sounds like the goal of any marketer right? The automation behind the marketing automation approach enables your team to deliver on this promise, at scale, since this would be inefficient to do on a manual basis.

However, Marketing Automation often becomes more complex than anticipated, and many companies struggle to see the results they expected. This is why, getting the support of an experienced 3rd party, will help you keep control, prioritize and optimize your marketing automation approach, where needed, to ensure its profitability, efficiency and success. 

The pillars to ensure successful Marketing Automation are:


A strong marketing automation strategy specifically fit for your customers and to meet your organization's needs and objectives. A solid strategy is the most important piece for success.


A solid (customer) data approach to integrate data from any source and create a 360 view of each of your customers. And, a strategy to get actionable insights with dashboarding/AI.


Journeys, Campaigns, and content need to be built in a way that matches and supports your customers' journeys at any stage or through any channel. 

Your marketing automation approach will only get as far as your data capabilities go. Marketing automation always relies on data as a trigger for the "automated" actions established in the automated journeys/processes. The second biggest pitfall of many companies when it comes to marketing automation is to ignore the requirements for a solid data foundation. These companies end up blaming the marketing automation approach later on for the lack of results in the long run.

But, at SQLI, we help you to first ensure your team can keep track of this data and create the right actionable insights through the entire customer journey. We help you with:

  • Offline & online data integration
  • Customer data management: event data, behavioural, customer attributes, transactional and customer service data integrated into individualized customer profiles.
  • Data privacy and security
  • Actionable insights / triggering events across any channel
  • AI and predictive data models

Building a high-performing marketing automation strategy and properly executing it through the right journeys, campaigns and content requires a good knowledge of both your organization's processes and of your customers to know how to support them at each stage.

We help you take a look at your overall digital marketing maturity and performance, your resources and goals and create a roadmap with quick wins and long-term opportunities. This will help us prepare a pragmatic strategy to drive you towards integrating more advanced topics such as omnichannel personalized campaigns, AI recommendations, or predictive marketing that will set you apart from your competitors, at a pace that fits your organizational maturity development.

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Marketing Automation Tools

In order to bring these three pillars together, you need the right marketing automation solution. There are many different type of solutions in the market with a wide variety of features that can serve for different use cases, so finding the right one can become a challenge for many organizations. We work with several technology marketing automation partners that meet the highest criteria standards.

And Expertise

At SQLI, we can help you with any or all of these pillars to make sure your marketing automation delivers on its promises. One of the biggest pitfalls of organizations when it comes to marketing automation is jumping into execution without a solid strategy and enough internal knowledge. Marketing automation success has a cascade effect. It takes a lot of upfront knowledge to set things up correctly. And if you don’t, things will go wrong down the road. That’s why it’s important to accept that marketing automation implementation will not be easy and to call on expert services to help you get where you need to go.

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Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation Strategy & Consultancy

SQLI offers strategy and consultancy services to help you create a solid and pragmatic approach to reach your business objectives through marketing automation. Our consultants can work with your team past the strategy &  implementation phase to ensure your team's success at driving loyalty and profits through marketing automation, long-term.

Solution Selection & Implementation

We help you to find and properly set up the best-fitting Marketing Automation solution that would allow you to meet the specific goals and use cases you determine for your marketing automation approach. We'll set up the right integrations, unify data across your different systems, ensure data security during the implementation, etc.

Customer Journey, Campaign & Content Creation and Execution

Setting up the strategy and the solution are only the first steps, the real complexity with marketing automation comes from the creation of the journeys and campaigns, ensure they work properly and optimize them on an ongoing basis. Our team can help you set up from the very basic use cases and workflows, to the most advanced and personalized loyalty journeys based on your maturity and goals.

In-depth Customer Analytics & Continuous Improvements

We can set up real-time dashboarding to generate actionable insights for your team. Dynamic reporting, analytics and dashboarding will ensure up-to-date and relevant data insights that fuel your marketing automation actions and decisions. With a continuous improvement approach, we enable your organization to drive ongoing optimizations and growth based on a data-driven approach.

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