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Help your customer select the best fitting products with Guided Selling. Optimize buying journeys through interactive and dynamic digital experiences.

Like a good salesperson in a physical store, Zoovu will ask every customer just the right questions at the right moment that will determine which products are best suited for him or her. Zoovu offers a conversational experience that cannot be accomplished by just showing a list of filters.
Zoovu makes it easy to create a natural flow of questions and answers like a good salesperson would do in the store. You can translate technical features into customer benefits and add additional explanations. You may show the customer in what way each choice will impact the price or usability of the resulting products. And the customer can always change any input to see how this affects the final result, enabling him to select the best fit effortlessly and with confidence.

93% of all online experiences start with a search and 75% of consumers leave the site if they get undesirable results. 

Our client Miele implemented this functionality within their site to guide customers in their best fitting product search. This implementation resulted in a +48% increase in Avg. Order Value. 

Check the live version in Miele's site

Why is a digital assistant important?

For the customers:

Different customers have different needs, different expertise levels and different search preferences. Some people like to browse while others prefer to search, but there is another group that likes to be advised in a more natural way. If you have to make a choice from an assortment of say, 100 matrasses, or washing machines or USB hubs with no prior knowledge this can be a challenge. Traditional search filters can help you to break down the results, but what if you are unfamiliar with the attributes are have a hard time selecting which of the options are best for you? In this situation a digital assistant like Zoovu will support you in making the best selection quickly and comfortably.

For shop owners: 

The backoffice users will like the easy way to configure and improve the experience. Often it is hard to define the perfect sales flow from scratch. Online behavior may be different from offline and what works for one type of customer may not work for another. Therefore, it is crucial to have a tool that enables you to:

  • Configure new flows and change existing flows quickly and easily
  • Add new questions and change the supporting explanations and media.
  • Specify cross- and upsell options in the flow
  • Collect and apply data on which questions and flows give the best results
  • AB test different configurations
  • Get proactive advice on what to improve
  • Get new and unique insights in you customer’s behavior, needs and emerging trends

In other words; a digital assistant solution will make you flexible and will stimulate you to learn and improve in a way that would be impossible (or extremely slow and expensive) by hardcoding a solution in your existing shop.

Providing digital buying assistance has never been more important; not only to provide a superior cx, but to enable organizations to exceed increasing buyer expectations. With more than 20 years' experience helping businesses meet the digital challenges of tomorrow, sqli is a natural partner to zoovu, sharing our ambition and passion for delivering value to our clients. together, we deliver the framework for accelerating and increasing sales with guided selling, and delivering a 211% increase in conversion."

Sarah Assous, CMO Zoovu

What does Zoovu offer?

Features and capabilities

  • Have a quick start by using one of the 500+ templates with predefined flows and customize as desired
  • An intuitive interface that makes complex work feel like fun
  • Highly customizable to your specific needs
  • Built-in chat functionality
  • Integrated and pre-built dashboards to measure success
  • AI powered learning, insights and real-time optimization!
  • High availability, security and performance as well as 100% GDPR compliance
  • Ongoing development by a world class R&D team

Channels and integrations

  • A SaaS solution that is easy to implement of any platform with a quick time to market and unlimited scalability
  • Configure or re-use conversation flows for every language, country or channel including in-store
  • Use to drive conversion, increase brand perception and enable self-service customer support
  • Syndicate digital assistants across 250+ distribution- and channel partner networks such as Bol, Conrad or Amazon
  • Easy integrations with many commerce- and marketing platforms such as SAP Commerce, HubSpot, Marketo, etc.
  • Ability to integrate with backend systems like your PIM, CRM, etc

References and results

  • An impressive line-up of 2500+ customers including brands like Miele, Canon, T-Mobile and Amazon.
  • A total of more than 100M conversations a year
  • On average a stunning 211% higher conversion and 47% higher order value, while increasing customer satisfaction

Our experts at SQLI help you with:

  • Setup a light version of Zoovu based on static product content that is imported manually. This way you can do a quick
  • Proof of Concpept and experience Zoovu for yourself!
  • Help to configure the initial conversation flows and continuously improve them
  • Set up all integrations needed to keep the data inside Zoovu always up to date and enrich your other systems with the data and insights coming from Zoovu
  • Adapt your internal data models, solution landscape and process flows where needed, to get the most out of Zoovu and related technologies.
  • Define and rollout a digital strategy and roadmap where Zoovu fits in naturally with all other backend and frontend systems, making the whole better than the sum of its parts.

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