Digital Assistant for Guided Selling

Answering customer requirements and their demands in a smart and easy way is the place to be for Digital Assistant.

What is a digital assistant?

A Digital Assistant, supports your customers or possible new leads with smart advices, based on a flexible and dynamical user experience flow. Driven by insights and analytics this flow must be dynamic and adjustable. The Digital Assistant will make sure, that offerings will fit the user’s desires.

Digital Assistants can be integrated to multiple channels and are not limited to an E-commerce shop or website.

This is a screen recording of the digital assistant solution in action, as we implemented for our clients Miele and Grohe:

Check the live version in Miele's site

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Many companies in various industries are all facing the challenge to improve conversion rates across their different channels, in order to generate more value from their marketing budgets. A Digital Assistant can boost conversion rates and offer an enhanced experience, to both existing customers and prospects, throughout channels such as ecommerce, mobile apps, in-store shops, marketplaces like Amazon, or even through Social Commerce. On top of all that, a digital assistant can help your employees find the right offerings or information on your own intranet.

In addition to your existing product and service assortments, and individual offerings, digital assistants can enhance the customer journey and offer personalized advice using the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Your digital assistant for:

Customer Experience

30% of customer will leave a brand and never come back because of a bad customer experience. In addition, if customers are disappointed by a search of filtering function, 80% leave the website.
Using latest technologies like AI, listening to the voice of the customers (VoC) and gaining customer insights is a key element, where Digital Assistants come into place. Making customer’s journey personal, precise, recognizable but as simple as possible.

Experience Flow

Digitalize the best sales knowledge and experience into a dynamic flow that learns from customer insights. You know your customers the best, use available knowledge, combined it with latest technology to be inspiring, answering client needs and making the competitive edge.


An ideal combination of a Digital Assistant is Cross-selling. To increase your revenue and margin it is one of essential as you recommend customers with related or complimentary products. Recommendations can also be strategically adjusted to ensure that they support your sales targets and business goals.


One of the key benefits of a Digital Assistant is the 24/7 availability.
In addition, Chatbots can make the experience personalized. A seamless integration into the flow with natural language process or a voice interface, visitors are able to naturally interact with you.



Another advantage of using a digital assistant is that users don’t have to download and install specialized apps. Access to the assistant is simply provided by your own digital ecosystem through existing solutions and channels. This in turn allows the collection of actionable insights, even on B2B Business Partner hubs.

  • Boost customer experience
  • Increase conversion rates throughout multiple channels
  • Reduce return rates
  • Grow engagement
  • Increase average order values
  • Save resources and time
  • Reduce errors and mitigate risks
  • Prevent “Information Overload” through systems and technology
  • Digital Assistant as Product Information filters

Delivers business values by:

  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Selling more at higher margins
  • Reducing returns
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • React quickly to changing requirements

Delivers operational efficiency by:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Decreasing possible call center demands
  • Make complex processes easy
  • Reduce efforts for a Search
  • Offers Speech-to-Text interaction

Business owners, Sales experts and entrepreneurs need to focus their energy on the big picture of their business. Therefore, a Digital Assistant helps clients solving these challenges and help them achieve their goals.

In this webinar, we will guide you through:

  • Why providing buying guidance is now the big differentiator when it comes to winning and retaining customers.
  • How to increase sales revenue with streamlined paths to purchase.
  • Learn how world-leading brands like Grohe and Ingersoll Rand leverage guided selling today.

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