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In-person experiences that delight customers and drive revenue. Deliver loyalty-building experiences across your physical business locations with Qualtrics.

Deliver the best customer experience across your physical locations

Delivering the best customer experience across all your physical business locations is a challenging task as it relies on many factors and people across your organization. Yet, a single bad experience of a single customer at one of your businesses or franchises can have a strong impact on customers' perception of the brand. With online reviews, that single customer's perception can change or impact hundreds more. According to Vendasta (2019), 86% of people will hesitate to purchase from a business that has negative online reviews.

With Qualtrics' solution for Location-based businesses you can fix experience gaps, create interactions that are emotionally engaging, and better connect with customers, so they want to return to any of your retail stores, branches, dealerships, hotels, and more. Qualtrics gives you the insights and input to make the most out of every interaction with your customers so you can have a real-impact impact on their loyalty, your revenue and their customer lifetime value. From analytics to predictive behavior.

Location-Based Customer XM Solution

The best solution for physical businesses looking to improve their in-site experience across all their locations.

Turn every customer interaction into an opportunity to increase revenue and loyalty. Manage online and offline customer experience and reputation in one platform to take the right actions no matter where the interactions happen. 

SQLI offers, based on your needs:

  • FREE XM demo with our experts to uncover the potential of the solution
  • Customer journey mapping & optimization workshops
  • Development of strategic organization-wide XM programs
  • Set up, integration and custom configuration of the Qualtrics XM solution
  • Coaching on survey creation, continuous improvement processes, etc.
  • Dashboard strategy and set-up for key insights and KPIs

What Qualtrics can do for Location Based CX


In Qualtrics' XM, the experience and operational data collected across many touchpoints is combined in a single solution, so you can see how every client interaction impacts the bottom line, and to prioritise the right actions for the right accounts to drive faster and more profitable revenue growth.


Qualtrics' workflows allows you to inform the right person within the organization at any location on how to improve specific experience, e.g. if customers submitted a review online about customer service at a specific location, the right stakeholders could be informed in real-time to fix the experience gap or take an action to already improve the customer experience from the customer right away. This creates a seamless feedback cycle tying together all the customer interactions with your organization, to engage every team across any location/department and drive measurable improvements.


Collect solicited or unsolicited feedback from any physical and digital channel and touchpoint. Track and manage your online reputation, incorporate frontline feedback from staff. Qualtrics's single system of record helps you combine all the feedback channels for a complete customer journey overview, so you can understand how to improve their offline and online experience and turn customer feedback into action. Identify common behaviours across customer segments by combining contact, experiential, and transactional data—so your teams can take the right actions to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.



Get a 360 view of your individual customers to personalize their interactions across any channel at any point in time. This allows you to, for example, make up for a negative experience at any your locations with a specific offer through sent to their e-mail to try to win them back, or reach them to get real-time feedback from their interactions when it matters. Personalize experiences is becoming a critical requirement from your customers, a complete view on their experiences allows you to adjust to their needs at any point and optimize your interactions with them. 

SQLI and Qualtrics

Qualtrics is the leading Experience Management solution, a full suite, user-friendly tool that allows organizations of any size to set up and execute their experience management program. Qualtrics solution's intuitive set-up allows you to get up and running in a matter of a few weeks. However, bringing a experienced partner, like SQLI, into the equation will allow you to not only take full advantage of the solution, but to really explore how to integrate a complete Experience Management program within your strategy and organization. 

SQLI is a full digital agency. We always approach your challenges together with you and completely based on your needs, we commit to your success beyond the implementation of the solution.

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