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Listen to your customers at any stage of their journey to optimize their experience, real-time. Learn what Qualtrics can do for Digital Customer Experience.

Deliver engaging digital experiences that convert

Monitor and understand the end-to-end experience across all your digital channels and see the actions to take, in the moments that matter most, to have the biggest impact on customer loyalty, revenues and satisfaction. Bring all your digital channels together in a single view of the end-to-end experience. You’ll have insights into the actions you need to take whether it’s on your website, platforms, apps, or any other digital channel to delight your customers on every visit.

Qualtrics' Digital CX solution, brings together into a single solution: page-level feedback, abandonment surveys, overall site experience research, and post-transaction surveys, to help you understand your customers' needs and optimize your digital experience and customer journey for success. With its predictive intelligence engine you will be able to surface deep insights, make predictions and focus your improvements on the actions with the biggest impact.


XM Solutions for Digital Customer Experience

The best solution for delivering converting experiences across all your digital products and channels.

Get in-depth insights into your customer's journeys and efficiently drive your digital channel's growth through optimizations.

SQLI offers, based on your needs:

  • FREE XM demo with our experts to uncover the potential of the solution
  • Customer journey mapping & optimization workshops
  • Development of strategic organization-wide XM programs
  • Set up, integration and custom configuration of the Qualtrics XM solution
  • Coaching on survey creation, continuous improvement processes, etc.
  • Dashboard strategy and set-up for key insights and KPIsWhat Qualtrics can do for Digital Customer Experience


In Qualtrics' XM, the experience and operational data collected across all customers' touchpoints with your digital channels are combined in a single solution to offer a 360 degree view on your customers. This way you can see how every interaction and the experience resultant impacts metrics such as cart abandonment, customer return or Customer Lifetime Value, and to prioritise the right actions to drive faster and more profitable growth.


Qualtrics' solution allows you to go beyond analytics and measurement and turn customer feedback collected across into actionable improvements. As a unified platform, it allows different departments and teams to collaborate on the same data, drive the improvements and quickly launch and deploy optimized experiences or customer flows.


Collect solicited or unsolicited feedback from any digital channel and touchpoint in a seamless way. Qualtrics' unified system helps you combine in one solution all feedback coming from all channels for a complete customer journey overview, so you can understand how to improve their offline and online experience and turn customer feedback into action. Identify common behaviours across customer segments by combining contact, experiential, and transactional data—so your teams can take the right actions to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Qualtrics' advanced predictive solution help you identify potential problems upfront, prioritize key actions and offers recommendations on actions to take to improve the digital customer experience. It enables your team to take full advantage of your digital CX program and drive your own results.

SQLI and Qualtrics

Qualtrics is the leading Experience Management solution, a full suite, user-friendly tool that allows organizations of any size to set up and execute their experience management program. Qualtrics solution's intuitive set-up allows you to get up and running in a matter of a few weeks. However, bringing an experienced partner, like SQLI, into the equation will allow you to not only take full advantage of the solution, but to really explore how to integrate a complete Experience Management program within your strategy and organization. 

SQLI is a full digital agency. We always approach your challenges together with you and completely based on your needs, we commit to your success beyond the implementation of the solution.

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