Increasing Customer Centricity with Qualtrics XM

How SQLI helped Piab increased its customer centricity through the implementation of the leading Experience Management platform, Qualtrics.


Piab provides smart B2B solutions for the automated world, helping thousands of end users and machine producers in e-commerce logistics, food, pharma, automotive and other manufacturing industries to improve energy-efficiency, productivity and working environments.

With almost 500 employees and SEK 1.2bn in sales 2018, Piab is a global organization, serving customers in almost 70 countries from a network of subsidiaries and distributors. By leveraging the ongoing technological development in automation and robotics, and targeting high-growth segments and geographies, Piab’s vision is to become the global leader in gripping and moving solutions.


To increase customer acquisition, Piab is adjusting their business strategy to become a true customer focused company. Accordingly, they’d like to ensure that their new website places more importance on UX and customer feedback. To assist with this, they’d like to research current customer behavior across different markets - the USA, EU and Asia.


Based on our experience and expertise with the Qualtrics platform, we knew that gathering data from real users would enable Piab to listen to their customers. They could then analyse this via a live dashboard and implement new solutions based on data & insights as they further enrich the user experience of their website. In turn, this will help with customer acquisition can navigate the website with ease.


Piab has requested that SQLI, leveraging their strong partnership with the Qualtrics Experience Management platform, create a solution to capture customer feedback while browsing the current website. The Qualtrics Experience Management platform allows companies to measure and optimise their customer experience via tailored survey software.

As Piab aims to launch a new website in Q4 2020, it was important that they could gather feedback with a partner / software combination that ensures a professional set up, ease of use, and desired result in a short time frame. Questions regarding ease of finding products and overall satisfaction with the website will allow us to make this comparison on a feature level. To achieve a clear customer focus, a solid foundation will be built by analysing and prioritising these findings, which will then be used as direct input to enhance the website moving forward.


SQLI leveraged the capabilities of the Qualtrics platform in order to craft a considered set of questions to collect both qualitative and quantitative data from existing and prospective customers. An intercept was implemented to ensure that the survey would be presented at a logical moment within the users journey as they have spent a certain amount of time on the website (depending on response rate, this is monitored and altered if need be). Customized dashboards ensure that admin receive all necessary data to digest survey results at a glance.


The collaboration between Piab, Qualtrics and SQLI resulted in a six-question survey implemented across 4 piab.com global markets – United States, China, Germany and Italy, then translated into English, Mandarin, German and Italian respectively. These questions allow Piab to measure both the CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) and CES (Customer Effort).

Post launch monitoring via a customisable dashboard was employed to ensure the survey would target the right people and gather the responses required. Tweaks such as intercept type, pop-up styling and time taken for pop-up to show can have a significant impact on response rates.


  • Gathering data from visitors of the Piab website enables Piab to listen to their customers.
  • Implemented new solutions based on data & insights to further enrich the user experience of their website.
  • Insights to drive customer acquisition and ease of use of the website.
  • Ability to measuring new metrics for a closer track of customer experience.


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