Promoting Lausanne’s Tourism and Development

The story began recently, in February 2016, when Emmanuelle Rose, Head of Digital Department within Lausanne Tourism, decided to create a platform allowing residents and passing tourists to share their experiences of Lausanne.

The goal: promote tourism and development of the Lausanne region in a less institutional tone.

Lausanne Tourisme

“We wanted to create a blog that highlighted Lausanne's trends and best addresses through experience” 

“I regularly received articles from bloggers from Lausanne or tourists that told stories of the restaurants they had discovered, the park where they had a pleasant Sunday afternoon walk, or the places to go out after work.

But we didn't have the right medium to highlight them.

So the idea was to create a platform where new and regular bloggers could put their content forward; a platform based on experience, feelings, emotions, and not based on information,” explains Emmanuelle Rose.

“We wanted a simple tool that includes the latest online trends”

“We have worked with SQLI for several years.


When we came up with the idea of creating the MyLausanne blog, we again turned to SQLI and their digital agency, WAX Interactive. Their consultants have the required skills in web development and UX/Design.


The site was then developed using WordPress, and issues related to responsive design and use of multiple languages were immediately included,” remembers Emmanuelle Rose.

“Mylausanne’s identity is clear and independent of lausanne tourism”

“We had to move away from the Lausanne Tourism style guide and create a resolutely modern design that puts an emphasis on experience. The WAX Interactive teams understood what we wanted very well and were able to flawlessly transform our ideas into a graphic design.


The new design perfectly highlights the emotional aspect we wanted to give this blog,” says the Head of the Digital department.


This past June, the MyLausanne blog was officially launched, highlighting a variety of contributions.

“A multi-channel blog promotion”

“We actively pursue our collaboration with WAX Interactive: social media campaigns and competitions, SEO/SEA, advertising displays, etc.

Our goal is to develop MyLausanne’s visibility in the English- and French-speaking markets and to look for contributors from a variety of backgrounds to share their unique, different experience of Lausanne,” concludes Emmanuelle Rose.

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