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Online Branding

We help you to define and translate your brand strategy to online and digital channels.

Recognition and engagement across all channels

Whenever your company is expanding into E-commerce or looking to redesign the brand for online use, you need to create a digital version of your branding.

The importance of branding in customer experience

Digital technology has turned the world of branding upside down. The consumer is in the driver’s seat and a cohesive experience is key.

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

Jeff Bezos Amazon

When an organization creates (or redesigns) its website, there is a strong focus on good design, usability, accessibility and visual appearance. In order to drive revenue and increase customer loyalty, a solid online branding that is consistent with all your channels is essential.

Value of online branding 

Consistent presentation of a brand increases revenue by 23% on average. By presenting your brand consistently and in all channels, consumers are more likely to purchase.

For your customers: 

  • Enhances the customer experience
  • Creates trust
  • Leads to recognition  

For your company: 

  • Gives everyone who contributes to the process the insight they need to create or expand your website
  • Increases customer engagement 
  • Is a source of competitive advantage

SQLI's 3-hour Digital Branding Assessment

Inspired by organisations like Google and great thinkers like Steve Jobs, we have designed a 3-hour branding assessment to identify opportunities in your digital channels. We squeezed several exercises into just three hours, because more time doesn’t necessarily yield to better results. This also means that you can involve the people who really need to be there. The goal of these exercises is to translate abstract idea of your brand into a solid foundation for digital brand assets: a common online design language and Online Style Guide or Design System.

The exercises

The brand sprint relies on doing activities on posters and whiteboards, but we also run them virtually so that everybody can stay safe. That makes it also very suitable for doing the already short brand sprint online, making it even more efficient. In the 3 hours we will facilitate a sprint that consists of six exercises.

  • Roadmap: think long-term
  • Fundamental purpose: why – how - what
  • Competitive landscape: differentiation 
  • Top 3 values: competitive advantage
  • Top 3 audiences: prioritize targets
  • Brand attitude & style: personality

The result of the SQLI 3-hour Digital Branding assessment will be shared with your marketing department to take it onwards or is used as a starting point for Online Design and to lay the foundation for a strong Design system.

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