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Digital Branding

We help you to define and translate your brand strategy to online channels. Elevate your digital presence with our expert Branding services.

What we do

At SQLI, we specialize in translating and upgrading your branding to a fully usable Digital Brand, ready to take on the online world with resounding success. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients to take a deep dive into their current branding and elevate it to new heights. Whether you aim to maintain your core brand identity while optimizing it for the online platform or seek a complete digital transformation with a fresh and innovative look, we have you covered.

  • 86% of tested users happier with new branding
  • 10+y avg. experience of SQLI branding experts
  • 3-hours to start creating value through design sprints


SQLI's Digital Branding services cater to a wide range of industries. We have a proven track record of transforming brands in diverse sectors, from wholesale and brand manufacturing to retail and food & beverages. Our tailored strategies help businesses establish a strong online presence and make a lasting impact on their target audiences.

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Our Approach

Brand Intake

Our workshops and strategic guidance will help you critically assess your branding and pave the way for a successful digital journey.

Brand Analysis

We start by understanding your position in the market and where you envision yourself. Through in-depth analysis and discussions, we learn how your users perceive your brand, their expectations, and desires from your company.

Brand Positioning

We assist you in identifying whether you want to maintain your current market position or explore new opportunities within the three pillars of brands: Mainstream, Premium, or Luxury.

Competitor Evaluation

By assessing your existing competitors and identifying new ones in the digital space, we develop strategies to enhance your competitive advantage.

Visual Identity and Tone

We evaluate the colors, fonts, tone of voice, and content of your brand to ensure they align with your target audience and resonate with your platforms.

Brand Values

Our process helps in defining or refining your brand values to establish a strong emotional connection with your audience.

At SQLI, we're dedicated to helping your brand succeed in today's rapidly evolving online world. You can rely on us to thoroughly test and enhance your digital brand, ensuring it remains well-rounded, up-to-date, and protected in the digital realm.

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