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Digital Fast Track | Darwin

Quick, agile approach to overcome your digital challenges.

The Situation

You have found a target company that you’re interested in, but you’re not sure how strong and future-proof the digital business of the target is? We’ve got you covered. Our digital due diligence service gives you an objective third party assessment of the digital maturity of your potential investment. We help you identify risks and possibilities for optimization and make sure the difference between both is clear, so you can prepare a realistic integration plan, including an estimate of the required investments.

Our 3-Step Process

In 3 easy steps, we identify the main challenges of your organization, validate them with internal and external sources and then suggest an approach to overcome those challenges.


The first step of our process is an intake with key people in your organization. In this session we mostly listen and aim to get to know you, your products or services and your strategy. This helps us identify the main issue as you see it.


Next, we analyze the problem from three different angles:

Your Organization

The first angle is easiest to understand. We analyse the information you present us with. If necessary, we will have some interviews with key people within the organization. This should give us a deeper insight into the topics and issues you already discussed during the intake.

The Market

We also take a step back and look at the landscape you are operating in. What are the trends, disruptive ideas and best practices. What does a customer in your sector expect from a company like yours? We don't only look at your sector and your competitors, but also as neighboring sectors and other countries or regions that are more digitally mature.

Your Customers

We compliment this research, by doing a mystery shopping-style review, to experience the client's side of the story. This is often very enlightening, because as an outsider, we have a fresh view on your ways of working. If possible, this review includes a purchase. If not, we review as much of the sales funnel as possible.


Finally, we put all of it together in a recommended approach. We identify the weakest links and possible quick wins. 

The focus of these recommendations will be immediate actions, with the highest potential for improvement (the low hanging fruit) and the first steps to fixing the bigger issues. This way, by implementing these recommendations, you get can quick results, that will strengthen you in further optimizing your digital strategy.


Maybe you and your team don't have the time available to work on these quick wins and you'd like more assistance? The Darwin network has a wide range of partners, including parties that can assist at the operational level and help you create value instantly.

As a bonus, with us coaching you the execution phase, we can guide your organization in becoming more agile and work towards a culture where trying new ideas quickly and constantly improving on them becomes the norm.

What to Expect

Based on the assessment done with the DARWIN PERFORMANCE MODEL®️ , we will together uncover the real state your business is in. Some topics we would for example assess are: are you lacking an appropriate response to new competition or is your business model under pressure? This will give us the insights to kickstart the Digital Fast Track with the right approach.

  • A network of best in class, renowned specialists picked based on your challenge
  • An approach based on proven successes with companies like Action or LVMH 
  • Focus on strategy, decision making and organization enablement
  • Quick wins implementation to get momentum and create value
  • Digital Fast Track completed in 3 months

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