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Full Digital Masterplan | Darwin

A comprehensive strategic digital plan to future-proof your business.

The Situation

You've already gone through all the basics, implemented the quick wins and plucked all the low hanging fruit? And now you want to go further and build a comprehensive strategic digital plan, that applies to all aspects of digital within your organization? 

Darwin can help you build and, if necessary, execute that plan.

Our 5-Step Process

In 5 steps, we build a full digital masterplan. We always co-create the plan with key people in your organisation, to ensure the plan incorporates all your organizations unique know-how and to increase enthusiasm and ambassadorship among participants.

Step 1: INTAKE

The first step of our process is an intake with key people in your organization. We determine the history and current state of digital initiatives, the view senior management has on the role of digital and – if there is one – the existing digital roadmap.

This session helps us define the overall strategy & value proposition and allows us to set an ambition for the project. We also get a clear impression of the maturity of the team.


Next, we have a look at the landscape you are operating in. We look at the state of digital sales in the sector, investigate trends and signs of disruption and scan the playing field for best practices and interesting ideas.

Thanks to our wide experience, we can also find parallels with neighbouring sectors and bring in knowledge from countries and regions that are further ahead in their digital maturity.


The next step is to take a deep-dive into the building blocks of the organization, to determine what your digital value proposition will look like and what will be needed to reach the proposed ambition. Some common building blocks are the following:

  • Business model & the place of digital in the financials
  • Products and/or services
  • Customer experience
  • Marketing & CRM
  • Operations
  • Technology, tools & data/data quality
  • Organization

Depending on the nature of your company, some of the building blocks can get more or less focus or other blocks may be added. For example, in a B2B environment, a review of the sales process might be included. Or perhaps the company manufactures its own products and we can evaluate potential digitization in that area.

Finally, we put all of it together in a recommended approach. We identify the weakest links and possible quick wins. 

The focus of these recommendations will be immediate actions, with the highest potential for improvement (the low hanging fruit) and the first steps to fixing the bigger issues. This way, by implementing these recommendations, you get can quick results, that will strengthen you in further optimizing your digital strategy.


There will be a large list of potential improvements, tools, actions, features, processes to implement. In the 4th step, we assess what should be done when and by whom. We determine what the quick wins are, what the mid-term priorities should be, what the structural improvements are and what the critical path for implementation is.


Finally, we put all of it together in a digital transformation masterplan, including an estimate of the required budget and potential gains of the plan. This way, you will get a clear view on the profitability over a 3-5 year horizon. 

To make sure all stakeholders can easily be brought on board, we also include a slide deck that you can use to communicate the results of this project.

Step 6: EXECUTION SUPPORT (Optional)

No plan survives first contact with the customer. Although we are confident in our strategic capabilities, the reality is that unexpected elements always show up during the execution of a plan. This is why we prefer to stay involved in any project we consult on. This way, we make sure that the plan doesn’t end up unused in a drawer somewhere and that we can learn and adapt based on real-life feedback.

The Darwin network has a wide range of partners, including parties that can assist at the (daily) operational level of the plan.

What to expect

Based on the assessment done with the DARWIN PERFORMANCE MODEL®️ , we will together uncover the real state your business is in. Some topics we would for example assess are: are you lacking an appropriate response to new competition or is your business model under pressure? This will give us the insights to kickstart the Full Digital Roadmap with the right approach.

✔︎ A network of best in class, renowned specialists picked based on your challenge
✔︎ An approach based on proven successes with companies like Action or LVMH
✔︎ Focus on strategy, decision making and organization enablement
✔︎ Quick wins implementation to get momentum and create value

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