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The essential monitoring and security platform for Cloud Applications, to secure your systems, avoid downtime, and ensure customers always get the best user experience.

Digital businesses thrive on the availability of IT services that power their daily business operations. The digital evolution however, has greatly increased the complexities of the IT architecture landscape. Resolving service interruptions has become more complex, resulting in longer down-times, missed revenues, and a customer experience that leaves much to be desired.

If you wish to have a complete overview of your application landscape, Datadog and SQLI offer the perfect solution to improve the visibility on your IT architecture, and elevate it to a level that meets any and all current demands.

How SQLI and Datadog ensure digital business continuity for leading brands

SQLI is Datadog's Gold Partner in EMEA because has successfully supported numerous of its clients with implementing Datadog, allowing them to see across systems, apps, and services, granting full visibility on their software applications and IT infrastructure.


Why clients like Carlsberg, Sligro and Richemont have chosen us:

  • Real-time insights into software applications and IT infrastructure performance enabling better user experiences, faster problem detection and resolution and smarter, more impactful business decisions.
  • A fully modular platform that includes log management, infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring, user experience monitoring, and network performance monitoring. Additionally, you benefit from a range of shared features, including sophisticated dashboards, advanced analytics, collaboration tools, and alerting capabilities.
  • Datadog supports hundreds of complementing integrations that seamlessly aggregate metrics and events, across all of the systems and services that power your digital business.
  • SQLI is one of the few, if not the only, Datadog gold partner in EMEA that offers both consultancy and implementation of Datadog’s full suite of products, whether it’s a stand-alone or more elaborate setup.

Request a Free Premium Trial of Datadog

As Datadog's Gold partner, our PREMIUM trial includes:

Free, full access to a Datadog sandbox Kubernetes container environment, pre-filled with running application data. No obligations after the trial period. 

We offer 3-weeks of full use of the Datadog sandbox environment to make sure you have the confidence that Datadog is the right solution for your business.

Get the premium features of Datadog that are not included in the regular free trial, including (but not limited to):

  • Infrastructure
  • Containers
  • Network (NPM)
  • APM
  • Logs
  • Synthetics

Get 1-hour support from one of our experts to properly set-up and walk you through the sandbox environment to get the most out of the Datadog free trial. Go through the tool together, ask them your questions and get some best practices.


Get a 3-week free trial of the DataDog Sandbox Kubernetes container environment PLUS 1-hour walkthrough session with an expert to get you properly set-up.


Lacking insight in your infrastructure makes resolving continuity issues harder

When companies face continuity issues, they have the tendency to focus on one piece of the puzzle. But managing one incident at a time results in continuously being one step behind, simply chasing one incident after the other. This strategy simply doesn’t cut it in this dynamic digital age.


  • Truly resolving incidents requires deep, integrated insight into front-end and back-end application code and infrastructure.
  • Seasonal events don't occur every day, but when they do, you want to be ready and anticipate demand.
  • Complexities have increased, workflows have been automated, and as your IT footprint becomes more dynamic and distributed, real-time insights into the health and performance of your system at a single glance becomes essential.

But what happens if you refrain from making a change and simply keep doing what you’ve been doing?

The answer is quite obvious; nothing of value. Your continuity keeps deteriorating and business performance will be impacted accordingly.


Implementing Datadog for Carlsberg and Sligro

The main reason for Carlsberg to start utilizing Datadog was the platform as a service concept, multiple types of functionality such as metrics, logging and APM all centralized on one platform that is easily accessible by everyone.

Although Sligro was using New Relic as monitoring tool for their old web shop, at the start of the new E-Commerce project (as suggested by SQLI), Sligro choose for utilizing Datadog as their main monitoring solution.

Carlsberg's experience with Datadog

The main reason for Carlsberg to start utilizing Datadog was the platform as a service concept; multiple types of functionality such as metrics, logging, and APM, all centralized on one platform that’s easily accessible by everyone.

As Carlsberg is working with multiple organizations and teams, starting with Datadog made it easier for them to connect everyone to a single platform, thanks to the out-of-the-box support of Azure Kubernetes Service. This liberated them from the old set of monitoring tools they were using at the time, such as Azure Insights and Splunk, ELK, and Kibana. Datadog provides extensive documentation combined with a fast and intuitive interface, therefore all parties involved (IT, Management, and Business) could quickly setup dashboards for their specific needs.

SQLI functioned as the driving force behind the Datadog implementation from the start, by having our experienced engineers set up the agents, monitors, dashboards, and custom checks. Of course we also offer continued support; SQLI can quickly make adjustments or improvements whenever they are required, and provide continuous documentation on the monitoring that is present within Datadog.

The Datadog monitoring platform comes equipped with many features and an enormous amount of integrations. This enabled Carlsberg to extend their monitoring far beyond the normal functionality, a feat not often matched by other platforms. These features and integrations are constantly updated, and new features are even added on a regular basis, allowing them to constantly improve the monitoring and make adjustments according to the different needs of all parties involved.

What Datadog has done for Sligro

Although Sligro was using New Relic as monitoring tool for their old web shop, when SQLI set them on their path towards a new e-commerce platform they opted for Datadog as their main monitoring solution. Because multiple partners were involved in this project, it was of the utmost importance to have one single source of truth and avoid that different parties would create their own monitoring setup.

This next generation e-commerce solution uses several AWS services, such as EKS, Autoscaling, and Aurora RDS. With how easily Datadog integrates with these technologies, we were able to create dashboards, monitors and alerts for all the partners involved.

As time passed, Sligro became increasingly enamoured of the power and flexibility provided by Datadog, to the extent that they are currently in the process of deploying it throughout their own organization, gaining even more end-to-end insights on all their different data flows. Thanks to its flexibility, we were even able to create a dashboard that combines IT critical KPI’s with Business critical KPI’s.

Additionally, we are actively tracking new releases and keeping an eye on new features that could add value to Sligro’s IT and business objectives, always respecting the ‘value for money’.


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