First Time Recognition of SQLI at the MT/Sprout DX300 Awards

As a company that prides itself on being digital at heart, SQLI is extremely excited to share our rankings in the DX300 Awards.

This prestigious overview, carefully created by MT/Sprout, has the ambitious goal to map the digital transformation in The Netherlands. Why are these awards so important, who exactly is MT/Sprout, and last but not least, how did SQLI fare?

SQLI Rankings at MT/Sprout DX300 Awards

The awards aim to provide insights into what a digital transformation looks like, the roles different parties play, identifying the most important trends and developments, and showcasing the people that are on the forefront of driving this transformation.

In their own words: “MT/Sprout is an independent cross-media brand aimed at business decision makers (boards and senior management) in the Dutch and Belgian business community. MT/Sprout wants to make leaders better leaders. Because strong leaders achieve healthy growth. And that benefits everyone: the company, the people who work there, society and the economy.”

As a pioneer in the digital business space since the 90’s, SQLI firmly believes a blend of creativity and technology is needed to provide best-in-class experiences in our current digital world. That’s why we can only affirm the believes that drive the DX300, and are especially proud to have been included for the first time, and receive the following ranking:

  • Full Service Digital Agencies in the Netherlands (runner-ups): 4 stars

"At SQLI, we genuinely love supporting great brands and companies in navigating the digital landscape, so this recognition is very much appreciated. We are grateful not only for this recognition, but also to be part of the never-ending journey of innovation and opportunity that new technologies fuel.”

Mark Blockhuys, Managing Director, SQLI Netherlands


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