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Osudio is now SQLI

Osudio became SQLI Digital Experience as of July 2021, moving forward as one brand for the largest e-business specialist in Europe.

One Team One Brand

As part of the SQLI Group, we've had the opportunity to join forces and work together for more than three years already, earning the trust of clients such as Carlsberg, Nespresso, Richemont, GlennDimplex, Miele, ForFarmers, VIKING, Sligro, and many more.

Having successfully worked closely, we are thrilled to announce that as of July 7th 2021 we are moving forward as one brand: SQLI Digital Experience.

"We are excited about this development and the opportunities it provides to craft digital experiences that define the success of great brands."

Victor Terpstra CCO bei SQLI International

Watch Victor explain a bit more about this change ➔

    Moving forward together

    With more than 25+ years of experience, full-digital service agency Osudio has crafted digital experiences that has defined digital success for companies like Carlsberg, Sligro, LVMH, Miele, Adidas, ForFarmers, G-Star, etc. In 2017, Osudio became part of the SQLI Group.

    Now, after 3 years of working together, and because of our shared vision and ambitions, Osudio is taking the next logical step and becoming SQLI Digital Experience.

    SQLI Digital Experience, created in the '90s, clients reach out to us to define, build and grow their digital business value. We are technical and creative thinkers committed to delivering meaningful and engaging experiences by leveraging technologies, methodologies, skills and creativity to get closer to the customer or user and capture their attention. We design, develop and deploy high-performing commerce solutions, digital products and technologies for international A-brands. We are one of the largest digital specialists in Europe. Our 2,100 employees are located across 14 countries: The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, The United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain, Morocco, Mauritius and Dubai.

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