Omnichannel Marketing Automation with CDP

How to reduce marketing waste and improve effectiveness with unified customer data.

Interact with your customers through their preferred channels: drive conversions & better customer experience

In today’s fast-paced digital environment, marketers are faced with new problems and challenges when trying to deliver the expected marketing results. This is caused in part by the increasing:

  • Number of different marketing channels.
  • Variety of campaigns and marketing initiatives presented across these channels.
  • Complexity in managing the subsequent marketing programs and strategies.
  • Customer expectations for a smooth, relevant, and consistent experience.

All these challenges have to be faced and overcome, while at the same time you’re also expected to consistently elevate the impact of each marketing effort. Automating your marketing efforts is key if you want to be successful in personalizing targeted communications, reducing marketing complexity, aligning with channel-specific content, and increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing initiatives.

According to the Omnichannel Marketing Excellence report by London Research, based on a global survey of 235 organizations with annual revenues of at least $50m: only 9% indicate they have engineered seamless experiences across online and offline channels, with website and e-commerce experiences integrated with other customer interactions.

So, how can I efficiently orchestrate and automate marketing tactics across all my channels including offline, online, mail & advertising?

Unified Customer Data is the key to omnichannel Marketing Automation

Data integration, technology shortfall, and lack of skills or experience are currently perceived as the biggest barriers for marketing automation success (Adestra). Accurate, centralized, and usable customer data is the foundation for omnichannel orchestration power. Without high-quality customer data collected from all your different channels, it will be near impossible to generate a single view on your customers that serves as the trigger for the automation throughout all their interactions with your brand’s channels.

Because of a CDP’s ability to unify real-time individual customer data in a single solution, it’s a key enabler for serving fully synchronized and personalized omnichannel content. The data used is generated by both known and anonymous visitors and customers, through interactions with all your channels.

CDPs allow you to:

  • Reduce marketing costs: Through a better understanding of your customers and their wishes, you avoid wasting marketing budget on the wrong message, at the wrong time, when your customer is not ready to buy or interested in the product.
  • Increase your sales: If you better understand your customers’ reasons for buying certain products or services at an individual level, you’re able to proactively offer and cross-sell relevant products through all effective channels.
  • Meet your customers’ expectations: Customers expect relevant communications and the right incentives from companies. To avoid overwhelming them with the wrong ads, reward them for their loyalty, and provide relevant products ideas based on their preferences you need the right actionable data. Failing to met these expectations could mean losing them to your competitors.

CDP Features

How CDPs enable automated, omnichannel Marketing Orchestration

According to Gartner, a customer data platform is a marketing system that unifies a company’s customer data from marketing and other channels, to enable customer modelling and optimize the timing and targeting of messages and offers. A CDP collects, unifies, analyzes and activates this individual customer data.

Read more about CPD features and capabilities that enable high-performing marketing automation and orchestration:

Customer data unification

A CDP unifies all customer data generated by sources such as marketing channels, e-commerce platforms or websites. This enables the breaking down of data silos, enabling the consistent activation of campaigns to very specific targeted audiences. 

In-depth, automated data-analysis

Which products are each customer interested in? How long ago did they engage with the brand? What was their last purchase? Did they buy through a link in an e-mail? Previously, answering these questions was near impossible, as this data is commonly scattered across different channels without a way to link customer information to individual identities. A CDP provides these answers and enables you to personalize your communications, greatly improving relevancy and timing, to meet the needs and wants of your customers.

Easy-integration with all marketing channels

A CDP is the integrating piece, connecting with all your channels to enable the activation of the customer data and marketing activities when certain automation is triggered. This enables marketers to have full, orchestrated control over through which channel or mix each customer will be reached at each specific point in time. Without a CDP, this would otherwise remain a quite challenging task when marketing channels and data are siloed (see picture).

Image source: Exponea

Identification of patterns through data analysis

Having a CDP in place enables you to uncover new insights resulting from channel data unification, for example, to identify the channel (out of your complete mix) your customers prefer to use to engage with your company historically. Then, align your marketing accordingly to avoid ad fatigue, spamming and annoying your customers and improving the allocation of your marketing budget.

Real-time customer behaviour tracking

Understand the behaviour and engagement of your customers with your channels in real-time to adapt your marketing tactics consequently and guide your customer through their individual customer journeys.

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