What is Application Management

To guarantee and further support your digital success, your business-critical applications – such as webshops, digital experience platforms, product information management, and DAM applications – must be scalable and available 24/7.


Application Management covers the process to not only manage and maintain those essential applications, but it also allows you to envision and upgrade applications throughout their entire lifecycle. With Application Management and support, you’re ready to meet customer demands, both today and tomorrow, and ensure high employee productivity and satisfaction in their day-to-day work.


At its core, Application Management is about

  • Keeping your applications up and running and healthy
  • Setup and run insightful monitoring, mapping important metrics and flows
  • Act swiftly, with the right team of experts, if a problem arises
  • Update applications with minimal downtime and impact
  • Ensure the stability and performance of your applications

Keeping your solutions up and running

The success of any technology implementation lies with complete adoption. However,  many organizations struggle to successfully manage and maintain them, preventing them from driving adoption and ongoing value realization. On top of this, the best practices for successfully implementing Application Management into your business are ever-changing. This is then the perfect moment to introduce SQLI’s Digital Continuity team. Because we like to be on top of things, we always ensure our Application Management experts have the right skill sets to support your business, both now and in the years to come. We would support your steps from whatever stage your company is at in regards to Application Management to make sure you can keep your solutions up and running efficiently.

"SQLI was one of the first companies to put a large production system live on Kubernetes."


Monitor what matters

Pro-active monitoring is a key topic to address when talking about Application Management. You want to know when issues occur, how they happened in the first place, spot possible recurring tends, and determine which measures you can take in order to prevent them from happening again. In order to measure, monitor, and act when needed, you require metrics and logging data containing useful information.

In order to offer you the best possible range of features, we provide both automatic monitoring methods in addition to manual control checks where needed. Together with you we assess the importance of all monitoring applications – from a customer, business and IT perspective – and decide which methods are best suited for your specific situation. Thanks to our years of experience with various monitoring tools, we decided to partner with Datadog. Their excellent solutions allow us to set up monitoring for even the most sophisticated applications. Monitor pro-actively, including business KPI's, makes all the difference!

Keeping your solutions healthy

When looking at the health of one or more applications, not just the uptime, both performance and stability are important metrics. But also the capabilities of an application, and the expectations your customers and your own organization have, play an important part.

Our Digital Continuity team can guarantee your applications remain healthy and run smoothly, ensuring every solution meets the agreed service level thanks to their knowledge and expertise. This will allow you to do business 24/7 and exceed the expectations of both your customers and organization.

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