Modernization of data and migration to the cloud

Upgradeability and flexibility are critical in the data world to prevent monolithic systems that are difficult to use and hard to produce value with. Migrating to the cloud provides a significant boost to a company's operations and competitiveness.

We can support our clients with the overhaul of their data systems thanks to our agnostic approach, technological experience, and knowledge of use cases.

For example, we can help you transition from a 100 percent on-premises system to a hybrid or, if possible, a fully cloud-based system. We may also assist in the overhaul of organizations and procedures in order to improve the efficiency of data systems.

Support in all areas

We can help you with your data modernisation and cloud migration project at any level.

  • Architecture consulting: analysis, architecture suggestion, and cloud services and software choices that provide access to the cloud's benefits. Roadmap for implementation.
  • Implementation: Regardless of the use case, deployment and integration of the various Data Fabric building blocks (cloud, hybrid, or on-premise) to store, manage, and capitalize on the company's data assets.
  • DataOps: Agile and DevOps advice and implementation in the realm of data.

Expertise in data governance

Data modernization also entails organizational modernization, with a focus on data quality and structure.

Within a defined and managed data scope, our experts can assist you in implementing data governance. Data governance not only improves operational efficiency, but it also allows for the automation of certain processes and makes AI and Data Science tools more relevant, resulting in increased business and innovation.

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