Combining forces with Senco for their next steps online

Senco doesn’t just create high quality tools. Their Online Marketing department is also off the charts!

In February 2021, we started a project together with Senco. Important to note is that Corona was at full force during this period, and the entire collaboration took place in the virtual space. Workshops, meetings, gathering requirements, everything was done using Teams calls. We didn’t know each other personally, and had to learn to get along with each other without ever having seen each other face to face. To my surprise, this turned out to be easier than expected. The online marketing team was fully capable of executing everything online, with even the most complex topics being handled flawlessly during virtual sessions.

You could argue that we, as an implementation partner, have the experience to manage these kind of projects. But trust me when I say all projects are different. Having the constraint of not being able to meet face to face and simply explain things in front of a whiteboard could make things pretty difficult. Fortunately, regardless of this constraint, the project was a success. We managed to set up their new and improved online presence in three different languages, with a general EU-website, a Dutch website, and a Belgium website.

What came next actually blew my mind. They wanted to roll out the website to multiple countries, and Senco managed to do this in record time with limited support from us. Ellen Bex This is something I have never experienced in any other project before. They managed to align their offerings to the needs of a specific country, translate the product content, upload the active dealers, and even train the online team in how to use the new platform.

Website roll out in Europe

So far they have been able to onboard the following countries, all in the matter of a few months.


  • UK 10/2021
  • France 10/2021
  • Finland 11/2021
  • Sweden 11/2021
  • Norway 12/2021
  • Hungary 12/2021


  • Germany 01/2022
  • Denmark 01/2022
  • Czech Republic 02/2022
  • Slovakia 02/2022
  • Estonia 02/2022

In July 2022, they will continue to expand to even more countries.

So a huge congratulations to the online marketing team of Senco! Obviously we look forward to combining our forces again for their next steps online.


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