Optimizing Customer Engagement with a DXP

Discover what are the requirements to unlock the true potential of a DXP and how a digital experience platform serves your customers.


Nowadays, many organizations aim to provide the best customer engagement possible, but often fall short of their goal. This can be caused by failing to attract the right audience, not offering the right experience, or by offering a digital product that doesn’t have the right features, or fails to perform according to expectations.

As a company, if these any of reasons apply to you, then consider upgrading to a Digital Experience Platform (DXP), as this will allow you to offer an optimized Customer Experience (CX) and turn things around.

In the following section we will explore the functionalities of a DXP in more detail, its role in your day-to-day operations, and how it can help your company deliver digital experiences that meet and exceed your customer’s wishes as well as your organization’s business expectations.


What is a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)?

So, a Digital Experience Platform is basically an enhanced classic Web Content Management System (WCMS), right?

Well, not really! Looking at Gartner's definition, we learn the following:

A DXP is a centralized software platform, designed to enable optimal digital experiences to a variety of customers through websites, apps, portals, billboards, kiosks, IoT devices … actually any digital touchpoint.

It requires multiple integrated technologies (API-based) to manage this broad range of customer interaction points. Where the product used to be in the spotlight, now the customer is the star of the show and found firmly at the core of your business objectives. Moving from a product-oriented to a more customer-oriented business is an endeavour that makes many organizations anxious. Usually, they simply don’t have the needed experience to successfully make the transition. After all, it’s no longer good enough to only attract new customers. Onboarding will fail to generate long-term and structural value if it isn’t followed up with building customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Origin of the DXP

The Digital Experience Platform originates from three existing enterprise software streams: CMS, digital portals, and e-commerce solutions. As a result, DXP’s can differ substantially from one another, depending on the main software stream they originated from.

DXP from CMS

The strengths of this solution are strong web-based analytics, segmentation, advertising campaigns, and email campaigns. They perform well in B2C scenarios where the sales cycle is short, and the target audience is large.

DXP from Portals

These platforms collect data at customer level, so the emphasis is on personalization. This solution also makes it easier for companies to understand which factors influence the loyalty and retention of their customers.

DXP from E-commerce

The goal of this solution is to ensure that all applications needed to create the ideal digital shopping experience seamlessly integrate with each other.


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"Brands with superior customer experience bring in 5.7x more revenue than competitors that lag in customer experience." (Forrester) 

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What do you need for a DXP

To fully utilize the possibilities of a DXP, nothing short of a digital transformation is needed. It’s not just about creating a digital experience. It’s about creating the best digital experience. Having an effective website or app is just the starting point. You’ll need to tie your digital channels to your business operations, and learn to apply business logic to your customer interaction. Any legacy application architecture needs to be properly dealt with, and all sources of customer data need to be connected. As Forrester analyst Liz Herbes notes:

Real digital transformation spans both the experience layer and the operations core.

That’s why it’s so important to realize that you need more than just the DXP itself to be successful. In order to unlock the true potential of a DXP you need:

  • A marketing platform to bring in customers
  • An e-commerce platform to offer your products and services
  • A support department for your existing customers
  • The freedom to implement other solutions, based on your unique challenges

The DXP is at the centre of it all; it orchestrates your digital ecosystem using API’s, aggregates data from all different technologies, and keeps your customers on the right path every time they step through your (digital) door.

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