E-Commerce Experience Personalization with CDP

How to drive E-commerce conversion optimization and enable personalized product recommendation models.

Power omnichannel personalized E-commerce experiences with CDP(X)

If you would like to increase your online sales… if you’re looking to change but find it a hard space to outline your approach… if you wish you had a guide who would look over your shoulder and help you to deliver the best shopping experience to drive engagement, increase brand loyalty, and sell, up-sell, or cross-sell your products or services but don’t know what brings you off to a great start... then this page is for you.

Here’s why...

You can now power personalized E-commerce experiences with 360 view customer data, having the customer insights that you need, without having to connect the dots of data that is scattered across your organization yourself, capitalizing on the experience that we have built over >30 years as an agency fully focused on digital commerce. 

Most E-commerce initiatives won't deliver on the expectations of delivering the best customer experience while driving results that matter. Despite the need and willingness to do better. It is hard to pick up the right strategy, spending hours, days or even weeks without delivering on an increase in sales, loyalty, or engagement.

So, how can I optimize my E-commerce results with personalization and product recommendations?

How to solve your E-commerce conversion challenges

Understand your customer data

To improve the conversion of your E-commerce platform it does not suffice to only look at the data of the E-commerce platform itself. The answer lies in customer behavior on your digital commerce platform but also outside of that platform, across channels. Understanding customer behavior is key to determine the next actions that have to be put in place to increase the conversion rate on your platform.  

So here are the key drivers of deep customer insights:

  • Unify customer data from any source into 360° customer profiles.
  • Use this data to launch personalized campaigns in real-time.
  • Put your campaigns into action across channels and deliver connected customer experiences wherever your customers are
  • Master your omni-channel journeys, act based on triggers, conditions and channels to acquire even more insights into customer segments
  • Leverage your data and insights to predict customer behavior and to get the product or service recommendations in place that your customers are looking for

Real-time activation of your customer data

And that’s where a Customer Data eXperience Platform (CDXP) comes in, to start understanding customer behaviour, enriching customer data, and immediately launching omnichannel campaigns and product recommendations, all in one place to build a customer relationship that lasts.

A CDXP helps to determine 'what is next' based on the very individual engaging with your brand on- and off-line. The data and insights from the CDPX allow taking insights from purchase history, areas (product or services) of interest or behavioural patterns into account to allow a recommendation engine to provide a best-fitting offer for the individual to increase relevancy. These relevant offers can be brought to the individual using landing pages, advertisements, e-mail marketing campaigns etc, to boost sales and forge a more meaningful relationship with your brand across every stage of the customer journey.

CDP Use Cases

Learn how a CDPX supercharges your e-commerce

Customer data unification

All data sources (including online and offline marketing channels) are centralized within a CDP, breaking data silos and creating a unified single customer profile. The data is updated on the CDP on a real-time basis with new information coming from these sources. The data is therefore unified on a single system for its analysis and activation.

In-depth, automated data-analysis and action

Which products are each customer interested in? How long ago did they engage with the brand? What was their last purchase? Did they buy through a link in an e-mail? Previously, answering these questions was near impossible, as this data is commonly scattered across different channels without a way to link customer information to individual identities. A CDP provides these answers and enables you to personalize your communications, greatly improving relevancy and timing, to meet the needs and wants of your customers.

Easy-integration with data sources

including ads, website, e-mail marketing, offline channels, etc, and the triggers needed to launch marketing campaign. In addition, the data of the engagement generated is collected back into the CDP, closing the loop between marketing spend and marketing generated revenue.

AI for real-time product recommendations and predictions

Personalize your customers' E-commerce experience by providing them with real-time product recommendations based on customer preferences, previously tracked customer behaviour or AI predictions. These product recommendations can be applied across omnichannel: email, website or mail, creating a consistent, personalized customer experience for your users across any touchpoint. 

Our Expertise

Here's what we can do for you:

  • Define your strategic data assets and data audience.
  • Gather the required data and implement new collection methods.
  • Get the most out of predictive analytics and machine learning.
  • Select the right technology, data infrastructure, and key data competencies for your specific wishes and needs.

We can support you in crafting a digital strategy to reach your customer in a more effective and efficient way and implementing the right CDP solution for your business. We have helped companies like Carlsberg, Sligro, Kawasaki, ForFarmers create the best Digital and E-commerce Experiences for their customers and we can do so for yours.


We help you develop a digital strategy to reach your customers more effectively and find the right CDP solution for your business.

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