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Map of Sweden and Gothenburg

At SQLI Nordics, we are e-commerce experts with extensive experience. Since 2003 we have been developing brilliant solutions within digital commerce in our offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm. In Gothenburg we are located at Ekelundsgatan 9, in the absolute center of the city. And in that location you will find, besides our airy and beautiful office, some of the sharpest E-commerce minds on the West coast.

At SQLI Sweden (formerly Star Republic) we believe in questioning status quo and finding new perspectives. We love what we do and believe in letting talent grow. Our passion for what we do, together with our extensive expertise in digital commerce, gives us no choice but to break boring and outdated conventions. We dare to do things differently. We are a dynamic mix of people. We have hipsters and sports flags, break dancers and beer brewers, Magic fans and hard rockers, parents of young children and globetrotters. And it is in the contrasts that magic is created. 

  • 2003 In Sweden since
  • 70 Awesome colleagues
  • 150+ Major solutions delivered
  • AAA Creditworthiness

Our strengths

All of our expertise combined create a strong force. Every part is needed to create a whole, so that we can deliver high-quality results that make a real difference. Every day we work to create meaningful and relevant experiences for real people.

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Our key strategy is to the create meaningful, relevant experiences reflecting genuine understanding of the real people affected by our daily work. By mapping insights gleaned from this, we prioritize the actions that generate the greatest impact and business benefits.

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Design is not just appearance. Design is problem solving. By constantly focusing on people's needs, desires, and expectations, we create smart, useful, and unique personal experiences that add real value.

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An extensive expertise in development is what actually gets stuff done. We nurture ideas and make them a reality. Our developers possess the unparalleled know-how to create brilliant solutions daily.

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Cooperation is a necessity when seeking to create optimal solutions that benefit both users and the business. Our dedicated, tight teams blend myriad skills and perspectives together working to complement one another.