Integration of new employees

During the onboarding of our new workers, integration is a critical phase. We are devoted to providing each new employee with a comprehensive training program that will allow them to get fully immersed in the SQLI culture and professions, as well as meet the Sqlians who will become a part of their daily lives.

Your arrival at SQLI

The first day is dedicated to exploration. A member of the Human Resources department greets you and takes you on a tour of the facility, followed by a presentation of the HR teams and a coffee break... What else is there to say? In reality, this is only the start of your journey. With your Welcome Pack in hand, the presentations continue.

Integration into the team

Your new manager comes into play next. After meeting them, they organize your introduction to and integration into your team as well as the people you will be working with very quickly.

The HR Team Leader, your career coach

One of the most important people in your career at SQLI is the HR Team Leader. An HR Team Leader is a lifelong position! Everyone has one, whether they've worked for us for one day or ten years. The HR Team Leader will be your point of contact throughout your career, from your first integration to your professional development, including performance monitoring and training.

A long-term integration

For all newcomers, the integration seminar is the most important event. It provides new Sqlians with an overview of the Group (business lines, offerings and services, and so on) as well as the specifics of the site they have joined at each office.

Each employee completes a feedback report after a month with SQLI. The purpose of this report is to gather feedback from newcomers during the first few weeks of integration, as well as information about the organization of your branch and group.

Career follow-up and management at SQLI

Your SQLI career is just getting started! The year will be punctuated by regular meetings with your HR Staff Leader and a member of the HR team. These rituals are important, whether they are informal or part of our HR cycle, and the teams are always at your side to support you at every step of your career.