Recruitment process

Whether this is your first job or a step in your career, joining SQLI means joining a community of inspirational and knowledgeable individuals and working on some cutting-edge projects.

Every year, we recruit hundreds of top class digital enthusiasts and experts to strengthen our team. We follow a simple recruitment process for every applicant.

Apply for one of our vacancies

SQLI recruits people with a wide range of digital skills. These include technology roles: back-end, front-end developers and technical specialists; business roles: UX designers, project managers and scrum masters; and support roles.

There are several ways to apply for a position or express an interest in working for SQLI:

Join the team

Reviewing your application

Once the recruitment team has reviewed your application and feel there is a good fit, they will organise an initial telephone call with yourself and the recruiter.

Initial interview

At this stage, you will talk to the recruiter about your background, expectations of the job, motivation and, more broadly, your career aspirations. They will explain the requirements of the role, share information about SQLI’s organisation, the branch for which you have applied, and our team ethos. 

Digital experience

One of our experts will speak to you about your knowledge and professional or technical expertise. This will be your first contact with a member of the team you may be joining. It gives you the opportunity to consider a future at SQLI and becoming part of a community of experts. 

Final interview

You will meet your division or line manager at the final interview, after which we will confirm whether you have been successful.

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