Marketing and data are as thick as thieves. Without the other, neither can operate at its best. Thanks to more complex and deep learning algorithms, we can optimize the ROI once we've gotten through the massive volumes of data. Many marketers are averse to sifting through large amounts of data. Fortunately, our performance team is glad to assist you with your data analysis. Are you ready to boost your marketing efforts?

Once you have data, you can turn it into something useful

Because every business and process may benefit from improvement, every business is an analytics business. Before undertaking in-depth analytics, you should first collect significant data. We wouldn't be able to extract business insights and useful data from data without analytics. A thorough examination is essential, as is a complete comprehension of every terminology. Do you know what the terms "page views," "conversion rate," and "return on investment" mean? SQLI comes to your aid, supporting you in deciphering all of the figures. Our team used Google Analytics 4, Google Data Studio, Supermetrics, HubSpot, Adobe Analytics, and On-Platform analysis to conduct in-depth investigation (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Ads, you name it). The more quickly your brand's research is done, the more tangible the return on future efforts will be.

The different steps in the analytics lifecycle

The analytics lifecycle is a term used to describe this process. It contains the following steps, regardless of the size of your campaign or project:

  • Data: fast, big and complex are the words that come to mind? We can give you a hand to manage your (big) data and get the information you need to make informed business decisions.
  • Discovery: we compare the different algorithms, content and parameters to see which one is the most effective for you. It’s a never-ending process of trial and error.
  • Deployment: time for action! We know everything there is to boost the projects or campaigns the right way. When this step is active, the cycle will continue itself until you’re satisfied with the results. But even then, adaptations still need to be made

Meaningful & measurable insights

The significance of analytics in the digital world

Don't believe your data analytics can help you achieve your business goals? When you use digital analytics in marketing, you can perform the following:

  • Recognize who your most likely clients are

  • More precise targeting

  • Retain a sizable number of customers

  • Increase the customer's lifetime value 

  • Make it easier for the customer to relate to you

  • Deliver the appropriate message at the appropriate moment

We leverage our experience at SQLI to turn your data and analytics into actionable, measurable insights, allowing you to save time and money.

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