Health: Covid-19 special

SQLI has taken specific efforts to support both its clients and staff as a result of the extraordinary global public health catastrophe that shook the world in 2020.

A business continuity strategy was the instant response

SQLI promptly implemented a business continuity plan and progressively enabled entirely remote working for all of its employees in order to deal with the Covid-19 situation, preserve employee health, and maintain the best possible service level and quality for its clients.

Strict health-prevention measures were implemented on the company's facilities, including the use of signs and banners to remind personnel about virus prevention and cleanliness laws, as well as the closure of shared places. Employees were also given new "remote rituals" to keep in touch with one another and the organization. SQLI established a loan scheme to supply office chairs and screens to employees at home in order to ensure that they have ergonomic workstations.

The “Lockdown Survival Guide”

The "Lockdown Survival Guide" provided daily support for employees in France and abroad in order to keep in touch with them and minimize the effects of the lockdown. This great communication effort delivered a variety of interesting content, including original news, challenges to take up, and quizzes, in a lighthearted tone to fight this melancholy period.

Supporting research

SQLI initiated a social media campaign to fund research in honor of its 30th anniversary. 'Un souffle contre le virus' (Blow out a candle to combat the virus) encouraged employees to respond to posts on LinkedIn and Facebook by sending a selfie of themselves blowing out a candle. Each photo contributed resulted in a €10 gift to the Fondation de France charity.

This campaign was backed by a fundraiser for Fondation de France, in which SQLI matched every donation made.

The Welcome Back Kit and a gradual return to the premises

SQLI provided each employee with a Welcome Back Kit that included fabric masks, filters, a bottle of hand sanitizer, a guide of good practices to adopt, a business magazine, and a few niceties to help plan their gradual return to their work areas.

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Our social commitment

SQLI places a high priority on corporate social responsibility. It manifests itself in our responsibilities to our employees as well as to everyone else in our ecosystem.