Refont of E-commerce Plateform

Cellap Laboratoire SA, a Swiss expert in phyto-cellular cosmetics, is known for its skincare expertise around the world. The company, which is based in Lausanne, focuses on high-performance cosmetics that are designed to counteract aging skin. SQLI was tasked by Cellap Laboratoire with completely overhauling their e-commerce website.

CELLAP Laboratoire SA

The following were the project's key goals:

  • Maintaining a consistent brand image in all markets (globally). 
  • To give a better online purchasing experience for its clients. 
  • To make the rollout easier and more transparent for all markets. 

The user experience and graphic design were given great attention, allowing SQLI's UI/UX team to provide excellent work for the following brands: Cellcosmet, Cellcosmet CellEctive, and Cellmen. 

Furthermore, all website product sheets and content were meticulously revised in partnership with SQLI in order to improve Cellap Laboratoire's natural referencing and the luxury image/ branding of their cosmetic items. The goal was to develop compelling storytelling that spoke to their customers on an emotional level. 

The e-commerce platform was built using Magento 2 Cloud Commerce, a technology that was chosen primarily for its ease of expansion into new international markets. 

Magento also enabled us to address one of the project's most significant challenges: the integration of material in five languages and the management of dynamic user pathways. The navigation on the site, for example, is tailored to the user's nation of origin in order to direct them to the appropriate location: either to place an online order, be redirected to a certified partner, or find the nearest point of sale. 

Various SQLI services (analytics, SEO, UX/UI, E-Commerce, copywriting, and more) collaborated on this project. The client's happiness and the project's success were largely due to the teams' collaboration and proximity. 

In late October 2020, the first two sites - the worldwide site and the Swiss market site - went live. The new platform has been well received by Cellap Laboratoire, its partners, and its users since its inception. Seven rollouts are scheduled for 2021, including China and the United States. 

SQLI will face even greater hurdles in the future. We are grateful for our clients' faith in us and look forward to continuing to work on challenging and fascinating projects in the future. Contact us if you'd like to learn more about how to improve your e-commerce platform.