Equal opportunities & diversity

Equality between men and women in the company is one of the strong points of SQLI's HR policy. Since 2019, SQLI has published its rating on the professional equality index annually.

The professional equality index

Gender equality within the company

Born from the "Avenir Professionnel" law of 2018, the professional equality index makes it possible to measure equality between men and women within the company according to a panel of fixed and common indicators.

The professional equality index is calculated according to a specific scale distributed among 5 criteria for which SQLI receives a rating:

  • Indicator 1 - Pay gap: 39/40 ;
  • Indicator 2 - Difference in the rate of individual increases: 20/20;
  • Indicator 3 - Difference in promotion rates: 15/15;
  • Indicator 4 - Employees who received a raise following their return from maternity leave: 15/15;
  • Indicator 5 - Number of women in the 10 highest paid positions: 5/10.

The SQLI professional equality index rating

  • 94 /100 in 2021
  • 87 /100 in 2020
  • 81 /100 in 2019

Since 2019, SQLI's professional equality index has been steadily improving. From an overall score of 81/100 in 2019, it rose to 87/100 in 2020 to reach a score of 94/100 this year.

Cultural diversity

Diversity within the company is part of SQLI's DNA. SQLI takes great care to carry out its mission in accordance with the principles of non-discrimination, particularly in terms of recruitment, promotion and professional training.

Moreover, SQLI is an international group based in 13 countries: France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Dubai, Morocco, Mauritius.