SQLI Values

Creative spirit, commitment and forward thinking: three values that define us.

Creative spirit

Our creative spirit is central to who we are. We are disruptive and inventive. Our fresh thinking gets results for our clients. 

At SQLI, our creative spirit thrives on openness, team working and originality. We inspire and enrich each other by sharing skills, experiences and ideas. 

This culture of collaboration results in a shared sense of achievement.


We place a high value on commitment in our daily actions. Our work. Our responsibilities.

SQLI employees are committed to one another and they build solid relationships based on respect.

We are also committed to our clients. They are our core focus. We aim to serve them well and deliver the best solutions possible.

Forward thinking

At SQLI, we harness everyone’s expertise and skills to enable the Group to plan for the future, anticipate trends and needs, exploit emerging technologies and discover new use cases.

Our forward thinking is also informed by our bold business culture where we like to take the initiative and try out new things.

This future focus allows us to strive for continuous growth and development, for ourselves and for our clients.