e-Commerce optimisation

To be successful in e-Commerce, it’s important to keep your eye on the ball, constantly monitoring and improving your desktop and mobile sites.

We offer an ongoing process of optimisation and improvement. Not just monitoring and reporting but optimising the key outcomes that help you stay competitive. Conversion rates. Site speed and performance. Customer engagement and stickiness. 

Our teams have accumulated years of expertise on the Adobe platform and are at home with SAP, Salesforce and Oracle, among others. They know how to improve everything from navigation and design to content and product descriptions, to increase online revenue, the effectiveness of your technology stack, and your overall customer experience.


Our process

We create a conversion rate optimisation audit. This encompasses: 

  • Journey optimisation
  • Customer acquisition analysis
  • Review of conversion rates and checkout churn
  • Performance optimisation and Lighthouse benchmarking
  • Page load speed improvements
  • Store search optimisation
  • Application performance and monitoring