Five-minute click and collect guarantee

Screwfix commissioned SQLI, formerly Redbox Digital, to take advantage of new business opportunities emerging in Germany. Over the course of nine months, we developed a completely original Adobe Commerce solution dedicated to the German consumer. 

The solution was designed from the ground up, with the aim of being quick to market, scalable and integrated with the Screwfix stock management system to administer the five minute click-and-collect service.

Our expertise with Adobe Commerce allowed us to create streamlined and efficient e-commerce experiences for the consumer. By integrating stock checking and distribution systems into the Screwfix platform, we created a system giving consumers a greater sense of independence and control over their purchases. 

This strategy included the introduction of a click-and-collect service and the celebrated ‘five minute promise’, which ensured the in-store availability of a tool or piece of equipment within five minutes of being ordered online, vital in attracting the tradesperson audience Screwfix was most eager to engage.

5-Minute Click & Collect

A major part of the customer experience for the Screwfix website was a five minute click-and-collect guarantee. This element of customisation meant customers could order and pay for the item they wanted on route to their local store and have it ready by the time they reached the counter.

International Expansion

During the development phase, a further avenue for expansion opened in Ireland, and a second site was developed to considerable acclaim. The ‘building-block’ nature of Adobe Commerce meant that the scaling of a new site for an Irish audience was expedient and efficient. The digital strategy was quickly adapted to best compliment the pureplay methodology Screwfix was employing in the region. 

Today the success of Screwfix Germany and Screwfix Ireland has warranted the opening several new stores nationwide, and plans are currently in development for a pan-European website, scaled up using the successful German platform.


As part of an omnichannel approach SQLI implemented a multitude of payment options, including PayPal, allowing for quick and easy payment on the go. We also established a direct mailing service for newsletters, links to social media pages and order tracking services, all as part of an omnichannel strategy to best serve the customer whilst driving sales and conversion rates.

Results & the future

As a result of the success of the German Screwfix site, as well as the Irish and European ones, SQLI continue to work on furthering the omnichannel possibilities for the brand.

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