Five reasons to join us

For 30 years, SQLI has been working with our clients to imagine, design and deliver customised digital experiences.

Digital is in our DNA

Our DNA, resolutely digital, is illustrated through our internal expertise, whether it is purely technological or business oriented. The scope of our expertise positions us as a key player in the digital experience world, using cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to deliver the right service to our customers at the right time.

  • 2100 employees
  • 13 countries
  • 700 new recruits per year

A dynamic career

With more than 2,100 employees in 13 countries, our network of agencies across Europe and Middle East and Northern Africa allows employees to work in teams which are conducive to initiative-taking, individual and skills development, and offers opportunities for rapid development and career progression.

Joining SQLI also means working in collaboration with all disciplines across a project: from strategic analysis and consulting to development, design or UX and UI. The diversity of our professions offers our employees the possibility of evolving in a stimulating and creative environment, where team spirit plays a predominant role.

An individual training programme

Training is an excellent way to maintain, develop and acquire new skills in accordance with each individual's career plan. SQLI also encourages its employees to validate their skills in the context of certification, technical, methodological or business training, recognised on the market

Flexible working

Improving the quality of life at work, as well as the balance between professional and personal life, is an important factor in well-being at work and employee fulfillment.

A flexible working approach improves the quality of life at work and allows employees to benefit from working time split between their home, office, or other SQLI agency offices.

Our collaborative tools, and their daily use, facilitate remote work, whether in the context of flexible work or in the management of inter-office projects.


Internal mobility, whether functional or geographical, is an excellent way to develop your career. The international dimension of SQLI, which is present in 13 countries, offers employees numerous opportunities for development within the Group.

Thanks to training and individual support, our employees benefit from personalised career plans that can lead to the opening up of other projects and roles, at the employee's site as well as at one of the many SQLI sites.

Mobility is a real springboard for employees' careers as well as a valuable asset in supporting employees in their individual projects. 


An international presence

With offices in 13 countries, in Europe and internationally, the group offers many career opportunities