SQLI is a leader and early adopter of Adobe and Magento products. We’ve launched many successful commerce sites for well-known brands in fashion, lifestyle, B2B, home and more.

Founded four decades ago, Adobe knows a thing or two about engaging, highly successful commerce sites. It’s why we closely aligned our business with them many years ago and have been working as a close partner ever since, building up deep expertise in its products.

Our teams have developed an unrivalled mastery of the Adobe Commerce portfolio including the full Magento suite which has given our clients an edge and enabled them to create strong customer relationships. We also have expertise in Adobe Experience Cloud which includes Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics. 

In fact, SQLI is one of just a few solution partners to have been awarded Adobe Gold Solution Partner status and Magento Commerce Specialisation. It’s why you can be confident partnering with us too.

Our expertise

To date, we have deployed more than 200+ Adobe Commerce projects across the world, in fashion, luxury, transport, leisure and many other sectors in B2B, B2C and D2C.  

Our 300 Adobe specialists across Europe can help you achieve Adobe Commerce excellence, with full end-to-end implementation from discovery to optimisation. This includes creating a PoC, project delivery and implementation, and subsequent third-party integrations and experience enhancements.

  • We provide you with a solid digital omnichannel commerce backbone through Adobe Commerce.
  • Harnessing the power of the Adobe Experience Manager content management system, we provide a consistent and relevant brand experience across all channels.
  • We use Adobe Target to tailor and personalise your customers' interactions on web and mobile sites, apps, social media, and other digital channels.
  • And we apply Adobe Analytics to give you the power to drive better marketing decisions with customisable data visualisations.
  • 300+ Adobe Commerce experts
  • 100+ brands
  • 200+ projects completed
  • 34 Adobe Commerce certifications

Adobe Commerce

Adobe Commerce gives your customers an engaging and intuitive shopping experience. 

Our team of global consultants, architects, designers, and developers have years of experience with the platform and its flexibility and power enables them to create innovative, high-performance sites.

Another big advantage is that being cloud-based, Adobe Commerce allows you to manage your commerce needs on a global scale, through a unified, local interface making it ideal for multi-territory commerce sites. 

Adobe Commerce has many strengths, in our view, in terms of its functionality, flexibility, and scalability.  It enables us to create the right tailored solution for our customers.

Adobe Experience Manager

At SQLI, our developers frequently collaborate on projects across the world. The Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) content management system has the flexibility and power to enable our teams to do this efficiently and effectively.

AEM can save your business time and money, help streamline work processes, and give you the competitive edge. It does this by ensuring your brand’s content remains consistent and personalised for each customer across all channels. Or by providing the tools you need to quickly create, store, source, adapt and deliver thousands of assets. To assist with this, it uses an intelligent system built with AI and automation.

AEM is a cloud-native, API-first content management system and Digital Asset Management platform. It allows our developers to structure and deliver headless content (content that’s independent from how or where it gets presented), to fuel modern applications across channels and devices.

Being headless, your marketers can then manage and personalise content and the customer experience to make it fast, and responsive at every touchpoint, whether that’s on a single-page app, mobile app, or IoT. The result is a sophisticated and personalised brand experience across every channel.

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics gives businesses and marketers the ability to make better, data-driven decisions through customisable data visualisations. 

Analytics also lets you mix, match, and analyse data from anywhere in the customer journey. With it, you can create a 360° view of the customer. And it also offers versatile reporting, and predictive intelligence which can unearth hidden opportunities that you can act on to build the business.

Adobe Target

Adobe Target takes omnichannel personalisation to the masses. We use it to tailor and personalise your customers' interactions on web and mobile sites, apps, social media, and other digital channels. 

The product allows us to test and optimise every experience using AI-powered testing, personalisation, and automation at scale. It takes the guesswork out of A/B and multivariate testing. And it means you can find the individual in the haystack and delight them with a personal and timely interaction on the right channel for them. 

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