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Virtual reality arrives on BD life sciences' stands

BD Life Sciences wanted to promote its image as an innovative player at major trade events and European conventions on infectious diseases such as ECCMID last April or EuroMedLab in June. To do this, the group created a presentation which attracts visitors and creates a buzz on their stand with a dual aim:

  • To promote its new services such as BD or e-learning,
  • To show its customers and visitors the company's ability to innovate, and consequently stand out from the competition.

SQLI designed a new application in the form of a Roller-coaster, uniting Oculus Rift and Leap Motion.
BD Life Sciences intends to reuse the application at future trade events and translate it into several languages.


This project is the perfect mix between virtual, game and innovation. Now our customers and potential customers can have a virtual experience through our world of services. It is an experience that you really need to live. We were very impressed with the environment that SQLI created in such a short amount of time! The rendering is so realistic! In the near future, we would like to push the virtualisation of the organisation of laboratories further with SQLI.
Fabien Grandadam, Digital Services European Marketing Manager at BD Life Sciences

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