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From Past to Present: how British heritage brands are leading the way in digital

Iconic brands like Barbour, Fortnum & Mason, Hamleys and Nike occupy a unique place in our history and every day. They have survived recessions, war, changing shopping habits, the birth of digital and online delivery and much more. But how have they endured the test of time and remained relevant in an increasingly brand conscious world?

The heritage brands which are really thriving today do not rely on their history and traditions alone. They evolve and improve upon them. That means maintaining and protecting their heritage while having the courage to step away from the familiar.

In this eBook, we look at how these brands have fully embraced the digital movement - creating engaging commerce experiences both off and online, while staying true to their original purpose through:

  • Strong storytelling to appeal to a younger audience without alienating the old guard
  • Unconventional thinking and staying on top of innovation
  • Leading the way in sustainability

Table of contents

Page 2 - What does the term ‘heritage brand’ mean and represent?

Page 7 - Unconventional thinking

Page 12 - Sustainability

Page 13 - Being on the right side of history


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