World-class service, support and aftercare around the clock: introducing our marvellous Morocco and Mauritius centres

The ability to spot and rectify potential problems before they have even happened sounds like something out of Hollywood Sci-Fi blockbuster the Minority Report

However, this is just one of the capabilities available 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week, to brands partnering with Redbox Digital.

Redbox’s Mauritius Centre of Excellence (CoE) and SQLI’s Innovative Service Centre (ISC) in Morocco form a formidable backbone to the business, offering unrivalled service and aftercare.  Redbox joined the SQLI Group in March 2020.

With round-the-clock support in French and English, customers have access to a highly experienced team of developers, UX designers and support staff to deliver projects on time and provide first-class development and assistance.

And while these international teams work quietly behind the scenes, their invaluable input has contributed to long-lasting relationships with some of the biggest brands across the globe, from Nespresso, Nestlé, Seb Group, and Fortnum & Mason, to Legrand, Screwfix and Universal Music Group.

Mauritius DevOps and Support Delivery Manager, Gulshan Beejan explained: “Not many agencies provide 24/7 support but it gives customers peace of mind knowing they can call us at any time with any query or urgent issue.  There’s always someone on hand to pick up the phone or answer an email.

“We are used to solving problems that are brought to our attention but we are extremely pro-active too. We have people constantly testing the sites behind the scenes and this allows us to predict problems before our clients even known about them.

“We want to make sure any issues are dealt with promptly before they escalate.  Customers are safe in the knowledge that their digital operations are in good hands.”

Morocco Innovative Service Centre

With teams of up to 100 or even 200 people working for customers at any one time, ISC Morocco is a technological and digital hub like no other.

While the local offices across the globe manage the projects for the customer, the ISC provides the support to help develop and deliver projects and maintenance for brands including Nestlé, Legrand, Airbus and Nespresso.

There are around 600 experts working across the two sites in Rabat and Oujda, with similar services provided at both. Teams include Technical Consulting, QA and Support, Solution Integration and Development.  Support experts cover platform and upgrade implementations, bug fixes, testing, general maintenance and much more.

SQLI’s ISC Director, Eric Chanal, said: “Clients choose us because we have an extensive team of digital experts who really know how to deliver projects and provide outstanding maintenance and support for platforms. Clients get the assistance they need and queries are dealt with in a timely manner.”

Different projects and clients need different teams behind them. A partnership with one of the largest coffee brands has lasted more than 12 years with up to 150 employees in the Morocco offices working on its digital enterprises at any one time. Projects have included platform design and rollout, APIs, SAP Commerce, mobile and testing.

More than 70 people work on a platform for a well-known luxury brand, with a significant ramp-up of 27 full-time employees across one summer project.

The Morocco ISC is growing year-on-year, with 214 staff expected to be recruited this year – and 48 of these hired in the first quarter of 2021.

Eric added: “Our infrastructure means we are well-equipped for working for groups that have several brands and are present in numerous countries. For example, we handle the maintenance for all of the SEB Group’s platforms which includes brands such as Moulinex, Rowenta and Krups. There’s around a dozen brands within the group and we are supporting them in 120 countries.

“We have a team of 35 people in Morocco who handle the maintenance of all the applications for SEB. When there are changes or updates required on these sites, we often have to support almost 200 sites simultaneously across the globe to ensure that all SEB’s platforms are updated in all countries, in all languages and for all the brands. This isn’t an easy task, but it’s something we have a lot of experience in and manage very well.”

Mauritius Centre of Excellence

While the day-to-day management of brands take place in offices including the UK, Dubai and South Africa, the Mauritius CoE provides unrivalled support and aftercare.

The team has more than doubled in size in six years, with around 22 technical experts providing services including trouble-shooting and testing, to installing upgrades and more, for brands around the world. Application Support keeps communication open with the client through weekly reports and calls to ensure tickets are resolved within the agreed timeframe.

DevOps works on all infrastructure related issues and requests that come in. QA tests tickets before and after release and carries out checks and tests on projects and tasks. The developers make up the final team.

Many of the Mauritius experts are Adobe Certified meaning they have gone through rigorous courses and examinations in their craft. The teams work in shifts, 24-hours, seven days-a-week, to ensure there’s always a team available should anyone need assistance, supporting a range of brands from Saudi’s pharmaceutical chain, Nahdi, and Fortnum & Mason to Nespresso.

Gulshan continued: “We focus on driving customer experience and carry out continuous evaluations of our work to ensure everything runs smoothly.

“It’s common to work with other offices in South Africa, Dubai and UK to align on strategies and deliveries.

“Time difference is a challenge. However, we have had things go wrong with sites at 6am UK time and are able to get everyone on a Zoom call to find a solution. There’s a real international team spirit.”

Long-lasting partnerships built on excellence and trust

Redbox is proud to have partnered with global brands and these relationships often last many years.

The Mauritius and Morocco teams are core to its many achievements, offering unrivalled around-the-clock support and excellence.

Only the very best make the grade to work in these centres, with the SQLI E-Challenge seeing candidates from engineering schools and Universities in Morocco competing over months for specialist roles.

No matter the size or needs of the project, the infrastructure is in place to ensure every customer need is met.

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